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More Than 150 Companies From Russia, Belarus, Germany, Italy, China, Usa, France Will Take Part In The Exhibition Of Cables And Wires Cabex 2017

 From 21 to 16-th International Exhibition in Moscow "Sokolniki" on March 23, will take place of cable products Cabex 2017. The organizers - the Group by ITE, All-Russian Research Institute of Cable Industry (VNIIKP), "Electrocable 'Association.

Cabex Exhibition - is significant for the industry business event that demonstrates the latest achievements in the production of cable products for the energy specialists, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, employees and managers of the construction organizations, transport workers, workers of oil and gas and mining industries, and telecommunications and other industries.

This year Cabex exhibition is attended by over 150 companies from Russia, Belarus, Germany, Italy, China, USA, France. It is the largest domestic manufacturers of cables and wires - plants "Kamsky Cable", "Kavkazkabel", "Podolskkabel" TC "CCM / Farial" GC "Sevkabel"; enterprises belonging to the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company - JSC "Uralelectromed" and OOO "Alliance Holding, Cable"; group "Moskabelmet" company "United Energy Company" Association "Roselectromontazh" which unites dozens of Russian and CIS companies operating in the field of design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of electrical installations for the construction of objects of all kinds. Foreign manufacturers and suppliers of cable and wire products represented the world's leading cable market - LEONI Group companies, Nexans, Prysmian Group.

Participants will present innovative products in the field of production of wires and cables, cable accessories, electrical products, cable installation equipment, cable systems and technologies for the laying and installation.

Visitors to the exhibition will allow Cabex available with a wide range of cables and wires, hold private talks with the leaders of the cable companies from different regions, select the provider in accordance with its objectives.

Also this year, the first All-Russian Congress of the cable will be held during the exhibition Cabex March 21-22.

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Working hours of the exhibition: 21-22 March - 10:00 to 18:00; March 23 - from 10:00 to 17:00;

Location: Moscow, Moscow, 5th Beam rides, 7, bldg 1, Art. Metro "Sokolniki", "Sokolniki", Pavilion number 4, a free ticket to the exhibition site.

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