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More Than 22 Thousand Cars Sold Under New Programs Of Preferential Car Loans And Leasing

 The cumulative effect of the new demand stimulation programs - Family Car, First Car, Russian Tractor, Russian Farmer and My Own Business - amounted to 22,600 vehicles sold from July 17 to August 27, Moscow Summit on Commercial Transport Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Alexander Morozov . The event was held within the framework of the exhibition СОМTRANS-2017.

According to him, from the state side, further state support measures will focus on supporting directly innovative products, rather than specific producers. This is how the programs for stimulating demand are already working, sales are gaining momentum - in just a week from August 21 to August 27, 2017, more than 6.6 thousand new cars, including commercial ones, were sold. The leaders of the programs "Russian tractor", "Russian farmer" and "Their business" are the GAZ Group with a share of about 40% and KAMAZ with a share of about 30%.

After the summit, the exhibition was opened and a detour, during which the automakers presented their best designs. Among the exhibitors are the leading companies of the industry: KAMAZ, GAZ Group, AvtoVAZ, MAZ, UAZ, VOLGABAS, Scania RUS, MAIN Truck & Bus RUS, Volvo Trucks, VOLKSWAGEN Group RUS, Renault Trucks, Mercedes-Benz RUS, Daimler Kamaz RUS, FUSO, Ford Sollers and others.


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