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Mortgage at 2%. Alexander Kozlov held a working meeting with the governor of the Magadan region, where they discussed the mechanism for issuing low mortgage

The need to create a mortgage agency in Magadan, the founder of which will be the regional government, said the Minister of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic Alexander Kozlov at a working meeting with the governor of the Magadan region Sergey Nosov. Mortgage at 2% may be taken only in the mortgage agency, so its creation is necessary.

“As part of the Ministry of Eastern Development, we are ready to offer a new product that will allow Far Easterners to receive a mortgage at 2%. In the first stage, we will support young families up to 35 years old and those who want to build their housing in Far Eastern hectares. Unfortunately, in other categories we do not yet have the opportunity to support, but we have already set ourselves such a task. The most important thing now is to start and show that this measure really works, and this is one of the solutions to the questions that the Far Easterners put before us. We do what people talk about, ”said Alexander Kozlov.

As Alexander Kozlov said, today in the Far East about 15,800 people falling under the criteria of a young family need their own housing and almost 8,200 participants in the Far Eastern hectare program are ready to build their houses. Mortgage at 2% will be issued specifically for the construction of an individual dwelling house for hectares and the purchase of economy-class housing for young families. The loan will be issued for a period of up to 20 years, with no down payment. The maximum loan size will be 4 million rubles. It is planned that the first loan will be issued until December of this year.

“We are planning to start implementation this year. We will bring the money to mortgage agencies whose founders are regional governments. Now in three regions of the Far East there are no such agencies and Magadan among them. Therefore, an important task for regional authorities is to create agencies; otherwise, they will not be able to provide their residents with a two percent mortgage. Time is short, it is necessary to create it as soon as possible so that the agency is actively involved in the work and so that young families living in the Magadan region can use a lower mortgage, ”said Alexander Kozlov.


“The problem of housing construction in the Magadan region is one of the most acute. Housing construction was actually stopped, and not because there is no need, but because the conditions for the construction of this housing, the conditions for the acquisition, including apartments, were not created. When only the information appeared on the mortgage, people began to be interested, and I heard their assessment, it was at the level of "can not be!" , in particular, but it is also a serious step in solving the problems of people who live in this territory. And where, I am sure, in the future they will want to live not only the indigenous Magadans, but also those who come here. We expect in the near future the creation of about 2 thousand jobs and this is an opportunity to solve their housing issues. We understand, that time frames are limited and, of course, we will immediately start preparing for the implementation of this program. We will be in time, ”said the governor of the Magadan region, Sergey Nosov.

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