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Moscow Helicopter Plant. M.L. Milya Celebrates The 70th Anniversary

 Moscow Helicopter Plant. Mikhail Mil (Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant named after MLMil) holding Helicopters of Russia (part of Rostekh State Corporation) on December 12, 2017 marks the 70th anniversary of its founding. Over the years, the enterprise has developed more than 13 types of helicopters and more than 200 of their modifications, the complexity of which was not inferior to the development of a new machine.

The experimental design bureau under the direction of Doctor of Technical Sciences Mikhail Leontyevich Mil was created in 1947 to develop helicopters that could be used by the armed forces. By that time, domestic and foreign experience in the field of rotary-wing technology showed the effectiveness of helicopters.

The factories have produced more than 27,000 Mi helicopters, among them the most massive Mi-8/17 (more than 12,000 vehicles), the only domestic Mi-14 amphibious helicopter, the Mi-24 helicopter that has visited the battlefields most lifting in the world serial Mi-26 helicopter, Mi-28N percussion helicopter round-the-clock combat use.

To date, the Moscow Helicopter Plant named after Milya is the center of the design idea of ​​the domestic helicopter industry: it faces the task of creating a new generation of Russian helicopter equipment. Milevtsam will have to master new speeds, materials and design solutions. Already, MVZ is working on a number of unique projects. This, for example, flying laboratory of a prospective helicopter - it reached a speed of more than 400 kilometers per hour, and, Russian designers made it the first in the world on a classical single-screw scheme

said Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov.

"On behalf of the holding" Helicopters of Russia "and on my own behalf, I congratulate the staff of the Moscow Helicopter Plant on the anniversary.For 70 years you managed to create a unique design school that is the pride of domestic aviation." Mi "helicopters are known all over the world for their high flying, Today, the cost center is worthy of continuing the work of its legendary creator, creating new models of helicopters that can solve a wide range of tasks.This day, I want to wish you achievements of new heights, Jehovih and well-being ", - said General Director of the holding company" Helicopters of Russia " Andrey Boginsky.

Today, the Moscow Helicopter Plant is one of the main intellectual assets of the holding company Helicopters of Russia. The enterprise is constantly working on the modernization of military and civilian helicopters. A new Mi-8/17/171 Mi-171A2 helicopter was created. In its design, more than 80 changes have been made, the most notable of which is a new carrier system. The helicopter has a more efficient X-shaped steering screw and a new rotor with integral composite blades of improved aerodynamic configuration. Thus, only due to aerodynamics, the propensity of the Mi-171A2 rotor increased by more than 700 kg. The helicopter is already in demand by foreign customers. In 2018, the pilot operation of the new medium-heavy Mi-38 helicopter will start, which in the line of models of the holding company "Russian Helicopters"

Cost center them. ML Mila is working on the creation of a prospective combat helicopter for the Russian Ministry of Defense, with a maximum speed of more than 400 km / h. A number of technological solutions within the framework of this project have already been tested on the serial models "Mi".

The geography of the use of Mi helicopters is enormous. This is the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, South and South-East Asia, including India and China, the CIS and many others. To date, only machines of the family MI-8-17 are registered more than 5000 in 92 countries. And all this park, all operators are connected with the developer - the Moscow Helicopter Plant, which manages the issues of technical support and modernization of these helicopters.

According to the level of implementation and development of modern design technologies, the Moscow Helicopter Plant named after. M.L. Milea is the leader among all enterprises of the aviation industry in Russia. The enterprise completely conducts designing of products with use of digital technologies. All systems and units of the helicopter are automatically linked to the entire structure: any ongoing change is immediately displayed on the entire electronic layout.

In addition to the design technology, a fundamentally important question has been solved at the cost center: the original design documentation is not a paper drawing, but an electronic mock-up. To date, few even Western companies can boast that products of this level of complexity are fully defined in the form of 3D models and have the status of an original design documentation.

In 2014, the MVZ developed a revolutionary blade design of the main rotor, the main element of the future helicopter carrier system. Flight tests of new blades gave excellent results, which led to the conclusion: the domestic profiles of the 5th generation are much superior to similar profiles created by American and European scientists. New blades are already being actively used not only on modern combat equipment, but also on the newest civil helicopters: Mi-38 and Mi-171A2.

One of the results of the introduction of modern design technologies was the technical re-equipment of the pilot production of the Moscow Helicopter Plant. A section of CNC machine tools was created at the production, which made it possible to significantly speed up the manufacture of helicopter construction parts, as well as elements of technological equipment. Mastering the production of parts using 3D printing on a 3D printer. Digital design, production of helicopter parts and accessories on CNC machines, as well as new methods for controlling the geometry of parts with the help of laser trackers and other modern control and measuring equipment make it possible to implement on the experimental production of the MVZ named after them. ML Mila process of helicopter assembling without a rifle using the minimum number of rigging.

For reference

JSC "Moscow Helicopter Plant named after ML Mil" is a subsidiary of JSC "Russian Helicopters". The main activities of the plant are experimental design and research, design, construction and testing of prototypes of helicopter equipment. Since the foundation, 12 basic models of helicopters have been created at the plant, including Mi-8/17, Mi-35M, Mi-26, Mi-28, Mi-38, as well as their numerous modifications. Today Mi helicopters are operated in 110 countries and form the basis of helicopter aviation in Russia, the CIS and a number of countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Helicopters of Russia JSC (part of Rostekh State Corporation) is one of the world leaders in the helicopter industry, the only developer and manufacturer of helicopters in Russia. The holding was established in 2007. The head office is located in Moscow. The holding includes five helicopter factories, two design bureaus, as well as enterprises for the production and maintenance of components, aircraft repair plants and a service company that provides after-sales support in Russia and abroad. The buyers of the holding's products are the Ministry of Defense of Russia, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, EMERCOM of Russia, other state customers, airlines Gazprom Avia and UTair, major Russian and foreign companies. In 2015, the revenue of Russian Helicopters under IFRS increased by 29.5% to 220.0 billion rubles,

State Corporation Rostekh is a Russian corporation established in 2007 to promote the development, production and export of high-tech industrial products for civilian and military use. It consists of more than 700 organizations, of which 11 holding companies are currently formed in the military-industrial complex and 3 in the civilian industries, as well as over 80 direct management organizations. Rostekh's portfolio includes such well-known brands as AvtoVAZ, KAMAZ, Kalashnikov Concern, Russian Helicopters, VSMPO-AVISMA, Uralvagonzavod, etc. Rostekha organizations are located in 60 constituent entities of the Russian Federation and supply products to markets in more than 70 countries. Consolidated revenue of Rostecha in 2016 reached 1 trillion. 266 billion rubles, consolidated net profit - 88 billion rubles, and EBITDA - 268 billion rubles. The average salary for the Corporation in 2016 was 44,000 rubles. According to Rostekh's strategy, the main goal of the Corporation is to ensure Russia's technological advantage in highly competitive global markets. One of Rostekh's key tasks is the introduction of a new technological structure and the digitization of the Russian economy.

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