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Moscow To Host The 13th Forum "Precise Measurements - The Basis Of The Quality And Safety '

 From 17 to 19 May 2017 at the Exhibition Center (pavilion №75) held the 13th Moscow International Forum "Precise measurements - the basis of quality and safety" in support of the state policy in the field of modernization and technological development of the Russian economy.

The event organizers - the Ministry of Industry and Trade (Ministry of Industry of Russia) and Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology (Rosstandart) with the assistance of the Office of the Government of the Russian Federation and the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation.

The strategic objective of the forum and exhibition - the creation of an international communication platform and to promote internal cooperation in the field of instrument, brings together representatives of federal executive authorities, science and business in order to meet the needs of the country and society in high-precision measurement, information technology industry, the formation of financial mechanisms to support and promote innovation attracting investments from international and Russian economic development institutions.

Exhibition program:

- 13th exhibition of measurement and metrological provision of «METROLEXPO-2017"

- 6th exhibition of industrial equipment and devices for technical diagnostics and expertise «CONTROL & DIAGNOSTIC-2017"

- 6th exhibition of technological and commercial accounting of energy resources «RESMETERING-2017"

- 5th exhibition of analytical instruments and laboratory equipment for industrial and scientific purposes «LABTEST-2017"

- 5th exhibition of software and hardware for industrial automation «PROMAUTOMATIC-2017"

On the platform will be presented to the best designs and the latest developments in the field of instrumentation from leading Russian and foreign manufacturers. Joint holding of exhibitions on related topics in the field of measuring instruments allows the participants and guests a unique opportunity to promptly find solutions for the entire range of issues related to the equipment and the modernization of its equipment base with the most modern, precise and informative measurement technology equipment.

On the area of 7.500 sqm exhibition space will present Rostekhnadzor, Fano Russia, State Corporation "Rosatom" State Corporation "Rostec" GC "Roscosmos", JSC "Russian Railways" Fund "Skolkovo", JSC "United Corporation Instrument Making" Foundation to promote innovation, 68 UCM and 7 regional state scientific metrological institutes, more than 300 companies from 11 countries , which will show more than 3,000 units of measurement equipment for all industries.

The exhibition will also present the latest developments in the field of instrumentation from leading Russian and foreign manufacturers.

Business program:

  • All-Russian Congress Metrology and Instrument

Congress of metrology and instrument makers - authoritative all-Russian conference in the area of traceability. The aim of the Congress is to create an international communication platform and to promote cooperation in the Russian system of measurements to meet the needs of the country and society in high-precision measurements.

The main tasks assigned to the congress organizers:

consolidation of efforts for the development of domestic instrument,

raising the effectiveness of the measurement system,

improving the regulatory framework Metrology and Instrumentation in accordance with modern international trends for the formation of financial mechanisms to support innovation and promotion.

Congress program formed to promote a constructive dialogue between producers and consumers, instrument-making products and the successful demonstration of innovative engineering achievements. The moderators of the event made by the heads of federal ministries, departments, agencies and honored Russian metrologists.

As part of the Congress will also be held professional training courses metrologists, instrument and equipment specialists.

Planned over 120 performances , the number of participants will exceed 1,500 people .

To participate in the Forum are invited predstaviteliupravlencheskogo apparatus and specialists from Russia, CIS and Baltic countries in the following areas: oil and gas and chemical industry, aerospace, machinery, defense industry, machine tool industry, nuclear and electric power, nanotechnology, transport, metallurgy, shipbuilding, automotive industry construction and housing and communal services, electronics, communications and telecommunications, exploration, mining and processing of minerals, medicine and pharmaceuticals, agriculture and ischevaya industry, science and education.

A visit to the exhibition and the symposium (no party package) - free of charge (even in the absence of invitations).

You need to register at the entrance to the exhibition.

In order to reduce the registration procedure at the entrance, you can advance to take shape on the Forum website.

Coordinates of the Forum Directorate: | +7 (495) 937-40-23 |


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