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In Moscow, the issues of automobile communication between Russia and Moldova were discussed

The meeting of the Russian-Moldavian Mixed Commission in the field of international automobile traffic was held on August 15 for the first time after negotiations in 2016.

The Russian delegation was led by Director General of the Federal State Institution “Rosavtotrans” Alexei Dvoinykh, the Moldovan delegation was headed by the director of the Transport Department of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure Elena Kachkovsky.

The negotiators noted a positive trend in bilateral freight traffic in both directions. At the same time, the share of Moldavian carriers amounted to 80.8% of the bilateral market, Russian - 9.3%. The volume of goods transported by road between countries in 2018 amounted to more than 600 thousand tons, and for 7 months of 2019, volumes reached 390 thousand tons and compared to the same period in 2018 increased by 14.3%.

The parties confirmed the need to create favorable conditions for the further development of road transport between Russia and Moldova.

Delegations also exchanged information on the use of permits by Russian and Moldovan carriers in 2018 and for the past period of 2019. The Russian side confirmed that the number of Moldovan permits received for 2019 for bilateral and transit transportation of goods fully meets the needs of Russian carriers.

Given the relatively high share of Moldavian carriers in the Russian-Moldavian market and the low participation of Russian transport, the Russian delegation suggested that the Moldovan side take possible measures to increase the share of Russian carriers in the Moldovan direction.

The associations of international road carriers of Russia and Moldova, in order to facilitate the development of transportation by Russian transport, will hold a meeting in Moldova this August with the participation of Russian carriers and representatives of the Moldovan market business, as well as representatives of relevant state bodies of the Republic of Moldova to develop appropriate measures.

The meeting participants recognized that in order to develop the parity participation of carriers of the two countries in servicing goods flows between Moldova and Russia, the creation of a logistics center that will promote both the development of bilateral transportation in general and the increase of Russian carriers in the Moldovan direction.

Based on the measures outlined, the delegations agreed to carry out in the 3rd quarter of 2019 an additional exchange of permits for the current year in the amount of 1250 Russian bilateral / transit permits for the carriage of goods by Moldovan carriers and 1000 Moldovan permits for the carriage of goods to / from third countries for the Russian side.

For 2020, country representatives agreed to determine the preliminary contingent for each of the parties in the amount of 15 thousand bilateral / transit permits for the carriage of goods, 500 permits for the carriage of goods to / from third countries. Moreover, the permissions of each current year will be valid until January 31 of each next year.

During the meeting, the delegations exchanged information on the ongoing work on organizing regular international bus routes between Russia and Moldova and reiterated their position on the priority development of regular bus services and the need to take measures to prevent passenger traffic carried out in violation of the requirements of the Agreement between the Governments of the two countries on international automobile traffic from 05/31/2017

As a result of the discussion, an agreement was reached to transfer to the Moldovan side in the 3rd quarter of 2019 additional permits for irregular passenger transport in the amount of 100 pieces. For 2020, a preliminary contingent of permits for irregular passenger transportation for each of the parties in the amount of 1,500 pieces has been determined.



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