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 October 14 marks World Standards Day. The motto of the professional celebration of standardizers in 2017 is "Standardization for the" smart city ".

Annually, on the memorable date, the greetings of the leaders of the leading international organizations in the field of standardization are published - ISO, IEC and ITU. This year, in their public address, the leaders of international standardization note that the standards contribute to the development of individual solutions that can be adapted to the specific conditions of a particular city.

"Over the past decades, standardization - international, and with it the Russian one - has consistently and purposefully mastered the path from the" intellectual home "to the" smart city , "said the head of Rosstandart, Alexei Abramov." Modern standards set requirements for resource-saving and intelligent technologies at all stages of design, construction and operation of buildings - residential, industrial and public, ensure their energy and environmental efficiency, provide an opportunity remote control of lighting, heating, household appliances using devices and networks with digital information. "

According to the head of the department, the standardization of "green construction" comes to the aid of "smart" technologies.

Thanks to the application of these standards, in the "smart city" original architectural ensembles are formed, conditions are created for the rapid and safe movement of residents across the territory. It is also important that along with this, the opportunities for comfortable living and self-realization of people with disabilities multiply increase

said Alexei Abramov.

The national standardization system in Russia today has been successfully integrated into the activities of ISO and IEC, including the development of the most advanced areas. New challenges, which today takes the standardization of the "smart city" - the integration of various systems of the city in the creation and consolidation of databases used in this. And experts from business, experts, who already today understand the vector of development in this direction and the possibilities of its practical application, should play a big role in the development of these standards.

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The Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) is the federal executive body of the Russian Federation, responsible for implementing the policy under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and within the competence of the agency.

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