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Pavilion Of The Russian Federation At Expo-2017 Was Awarded The First Prize Of The International Exhibition Bureau

 September 9, within the framework of the International Exhibition Fair Day (IBE) at EXPO-2017, the ceremony of awarding individual and collective pavilions in the nominations "Disclosure of the theme of the exhibition" and "Exhibition Design" was held.

115 national pavilions and 22 pavilions of international organizations claimed modern honors in the field of alternative energy sources.

The official pavilions that took part in the exhibition were divided into 4 categories - A (individual, more than 700 sq.m.), B (individual, 400-700 sq.m.), C (individual, less than 350 sq.m.) and D (collective).

The National Pavilion of the Russian Federation, with an area of ​​1008 square meters, fell into category A and received a gold award in the nomination "Design of the exhibition". Silver was given to Britain, bronze to the Republic of Korea. Russia first took gold as a participant since 1851, when the first EXPO took place in London.

The award was received personally by the Commissioner-General of Russian participation at EXPO-2017, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Georgy Kalamanov.

"This is a high assessment of the work of the whole team. The project lasted more than one year, and we are glad that our work and the contribution of the pavilion of Russia to the success of the whole exhibition EXPO-2017 received the highest award. We thank all our partners, sponsors, participants of the business program for their support.

The Russian Federation has been a permanent participant of EXPO since 1851, but has never hosted the exhibition. We applied for the right to hold EXPO-2025 in the city of Yekaterinburg. I am sure that our gold in Astana proves that Russia is a worthy organizer of such large-scale events, "said Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov.

The jury included official representatives of the International Exhibition Bureau - its president Steen Christensen and Secretary General Vincent Gonzales Losertales, as well as 4 commission members appointed by the organizers and three experts from the BIE.

Members of the jury headed by Steen Christensen visited each of the pavilions of the participating countries three times. The winners were determined according to a number of criteria, including the results of work since the opening of the Exhibition, as well as on the results of acquaintance with the national venues.

The solemn closing ceremony of the International Exhibition EXPO-2017 will be held on September 10 in the territory of the exhibition complex. A large-scale show will take place during the celebration, in which 2232 people are involved, including official representatives of the countries participating in the exhibition and volunteers.

The organizer of the Russian participation was the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The operator of Russian participation was the group of companies "Formica".


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