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PSC "TUPOLEV" Launched the Innovative Technology of Electron Beam Welding In Russia

 At the Kazan aircraft plant them. SP Gorbunova - a branch of PJSC "Tupolev" launched electron-beam welding of titanium components for the new bomber Tu-160. In Kazan, completed one of the key stages of modernization KAZ them. SP Gorbunova.

Electron beam welding is used to weld the beam center-bomber, the Tu-160. This unit weighs about six tons is the most loaded, secured him the basic mechanisms for variable-sweep wing aircraft, and the wings themselves. During the construction of the Tu-160, the biggest bomber in the world, used by the greatest proportion of titanium in aircraft.

Active work on the reconstruction of the electron-beam welding began in March 2016. Performed repair shop, where are installing parallel upgraded technological equipment installations.

Modernization KAZ them. SP Gorubnova last until 2020. Installs modern technological equipment, reconstruction of engineering networks, communications, and industrial areas.


For reference:

The total length of the welds - approximately 140 meters. The basic principle of welding technology is preserved, but updated for about 90% of the equipment.

The current setup has several advantages over the previously created. Completely replaced the vacuum system, cooling system, power units, control system. Reduced power consumption. Upgraded and second installation necessary - vacuum annealing furnace, in which also replaced almost all systems.

Key partners - Rzhevskoe PJSC "Electromechanics" and Izhevsk JSC "NITI Progress" and the All-Russian Institute of Aviation Materials (VIAM).


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