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Release Of Potassium Fertilizers In The Volgograd Region Will Begin In 2018

 On April 20, the director of the Department of Chemical Technology and the timber industry of Industry and Trade of Russia Vladimir Potapkin acquainted with the implementation of the investment project of JSC "MCC" EuroChem "on Gremyachinskoe potash deposit in the Volgograd region.

During his visit to the construction site mining and processing enterprise Director of the Department of Chemical Technology and the timber industry of Industry and Trade of Russia Vladimir Potapkin together with the Governor of Volgograd region Andrey Bocharov and CEO of JSC "MCC" EuroChem "Dmitriem Strezhnevym discussed further stages of the investment project.

Vladimir Potapkin noted that the project is unique in its scale, both in investments (about 120 billion rubles.), And the volume of construction. In fact, in an open field with zero set up a city and a modern enterprise with the latest technology developments as a deposit, and production according to the principles of best available technologies.

At the same time, he said, the construction of the potash mine is a high-risk, long-term, costly and seems possible only in a stable economic and tax regime. The stability of the project is provided through the use of a special mechanism of the investment contract, which was signed between the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Volgograd region, as well as by the investor - EuroChem.

Given the fact that the current President of the Russian Federation and the Russian government set a task to increase commodity exports do not, the project is entirely aimed at solving this problem. It is expected that the share of exports produced by potash fertilizers will reach 70% level.

According to Dmitry Strezhnev, 2020 all facilities will be commissioned in full. To begin pilot production, the company is planning in January 2018.

They were also inspected under construction social facilities provided by the investment project: residential district "Oak Grove" and kindergarten. There is built-developed social infrastructure are necessary conditions for the people. "Small and medium businesses will be significant opportunities for development", - said the governor.


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