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A resident of Belgorod moved to the Kuril Islands to build his house on the "Far Eastern hectare"

Good work, decent wages, a house in their own land - all this in the modern world can be a weighty argument for deciding to move to a new place of residence. For Artem Pasyugin from Belgorod, the Far Eastern Hectare program was the main factor in the decision to remain on the Kuril Islands.

Two years ago, Artyom arrived to work on the island of Iturup of the Great Kuril Ridge. Today he is practically a local resident and is building a house on his own plot on the seashore.

“By education I am a catering engineer and a technician-technologist of the dairy industry,” says Artyom Pasyugin. - I came to work as a driver in the Kuriles. Relatives helped to settle and look around in a new place - here, in the city of Kurilsk, my uncle lives. Having worked on the Iturup summer season of 2017, I decided to stay. I want to say that the Kuriles and the salary at the same job is higher than in his native Belgorod, and nature is more interesting, and in general I somehow became attached to these places - last year I went on vacation to the mainland, and really missed Iturup ".

In October 2017, Artyom Pasyugin applied for a “Far Eastern hectare” through the Federal Information System “To the Far East” . I chose the place in the village of Kitovo, not far from Kurilsk. From the plot to the sea - a hundred meters, about the same in another direction separates the hectare of Artyom from the asphalted road. From the day of filing the application until the receipt of the land plot, it took only about a month.

Last year, Artyom poured the foundation of his future home. It will be a two-storey building with an attic: on the first floor there will be a kitchen, a bathroom and a hall, on the second - three bedrooms. 

“The original plan included a wooden house, but on Iturup with its humidity and constant winds I decided not to risk with the tree,” says Artyom. - Therefore, I stopped on foam concrete. This material, along with good thermal insulation properties, is highly resistant to variable freezing and thawing - just for our climate. Foam blocks have already been ordered in Vladivostok, now they are expected to be delivered to Kurilsk. By the way, the windows for the house have already arrived - they will be with triple glazed windows. One window will go to the Volcano Bogdan Khmelnitsky, the second - towards the airport, and the third will look at the city, it is very close, a little more than three kilometers. Now I solve the issue of heating - most likely, it will be autonomous: a stove, a fireplace and a boiler. I do all the work myself and finance the construction myself, too - although, for example,

Having your own home is Artyom's old dream. But according to him, it is very difficult to take land in his native lands: prices in the Belgorod Region per hectare of land start at 350 thousand rubles and more. And on Iturup, he was able to get the “Far Eastern hectare” completely free of charge in a picturesque place near the sea and the highway. Having built a house, Artyom Pasyugin plans to start a family. He is confident that the Kuril Islands are a great place for family life and parenting. Here is a good ecology, beautiful nature, and in social terms there are many different benefits. “We still need to look for such places in the country,” says Artyom. “I think I have already found mine.”

According to the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East, today in the Sakhalin Region 8235 contracts of gratuitous use have been concluded. Almost half of the applicants took a hectare for individual housing construction, 23% use the land for horticultural purposes, 21% work on agricultural land. 

For recipients of the “Far Eastern hectares” in the Sakhalin region, 35 state support measures are available, which can be found on the ARFA’s Far East web site . These include grants and subsidies for the creation of family farms, preferential leasing of agricultural equipment, social payments to young families, preferential loans for small and medium-sized businesses, reimbursement for the construction of an individual residential house. To date, the amount of assistance provided to participants of the state program "Far Eastern hectare" in the Sakhalin region, amounted to more than 59 million rubles.

 Information provided by the press service of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East



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