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Resident of TOR "Kamchatka" launched a fish processing plant

The Vyvenskoye company launched a new fish processing plant on the outstripping development Kamchatka, and is ready for Putin-2019. The investment project, the cost of which exceeded 297 million rubles, was implemented in agreement with the Far East Development Corporation JSC and is designed to create 116 new jobs.

The production is located on the territory of the existing fish processing plant "Vyvenskoye" in Olyutorsky district. In the new building of more than 1,100 square meters. meters located technologically equipped workshop for processing raw fish, whose capacity will allow the day to produce more than 200 tons of finished fish products.

To start production, fish pumps, raw fish processing lines, a liquid chiller and a water disinfection plant, pumping stations and other equipment made in Russia, Japan and the USA were purchased. A new fish processing plant was built and a new freezing equipment for the production of block and air (piece) freezing fish was installed.

“In general, more than 80 percent of the total investment is provided for the purchase of equipment,” explains Director of Vyvenskoye LLC, Alexey Trofimov. And the total annual production of fresh-frozen sockeye salmon, chum salmon, pink salmon, and salmon spawn will make more than 4,500 tons. ”

The performance of technological equipment will ensure the operation of lines without delay of raw materials and semi-finished products during the transfer from one operation to another until the finished product is obtained, in compliance with the technological regimes, as well as packaging rules, conditions of storage and transportation of the finished product to the final consumer. Delivery of raw materials and shipment of fish products will be carried by sea transport.

According to the company representative, the company is fully prepared for the start of the fishing season in the Kamchatka region. Networks, containers were purchased, brigades of fishermen were formed, personnel were attracted with appropriate education and work experience in the direction from among local residents.

In connection with the new modern production, the company is currently undergoing environmental certification of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), which will allow to sell products in the markets of Europe and the USA.

“For three years, the functions of AO KRDV in interacting with residents of advanced development territories and the free port of Vladivostok, established in the Kamchatka Territory, are performed by a subsidiary company,” says Anatoly Kim, Director of Tor Management Company Kamchatka. - We accompany investors' projects on all development cycles - from a business plan and consideration of an application, to operating activities, we help investors in providing projects with land plots and, if necessary, with infrastructure. In order to receive the necessary assistance in the implementation of the project, residents of TOR and SPV do not have to travel outside the region, they receive all the necessary support here, on the spot. ”

It is worth noting that, out of all the 18 Far Eastern TOR, the priority development area “Kamchatka” is the most numerous in terms of the number of residents: today, 79 investors implement projects with a total investment portfolio of more than 35 billion rubles, the implementation of which will create about 6,650 new jobs in the region. Of these, 12 projects have now been successfully completed.

Information provided by the press service of the Far East Development Corporation.




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