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Results Of The Study Of Men's Suits

 The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, together with Roskaschest, presented the results of a study of the quality of men's suits. Monitoring revealed a problem with incoming raw materials, but confirmed the high quality of tailoring and material processing.

In the best laboratories of the country were sent 26 men's suits-deuces, bought in the price range from 5310 rubles to 40548 rubles. All products are easily found in Russian stores, among others, such brands as "Sudar", Henderson, Hugo Boss, Massimo Dutti, Zara, etc. participated in the study. Jackets and trousers of fourteen brands were produced in Russia, the rest - abroad. Among them, two trademarks made in Turkey, one each in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Germany, Egypt, Cambodia, China, Myanmar, Romania and Croatia, the country of sewing one suit was not indicated. Costumes were tested on 85 indicators, the most important of which are the quality of the material, compliance with the claimed composition, strength, as well as color stability.

In addition, experts have established and increased requirements for applicants for the quality mark to tailor the product, as well as to the materials from which they are made. In particular, for high-quality suits, the lining of the jacket and trousers must absorb and retain moisture well, the top material must be strong, resistant to abrasion and formation of pills (ie, pellets), have low creasing and breathe. Also, the product should not change its size after dry cleaning.

The suits of two brands - Clubber and MANGO - are acknowledged to be the goods that met such advanced requirements. The goods of trade marks "Sudar", "Frant", Bruno Banani, CACHAREL, DIGEL, Henderson, M & S, Magestic Legate, Massimo Dutti, Slava Zaitsev and ZARA are recognized as qualitative and safe. Products of 13 brands have violations of varying severity.

Another study of the Rocky on one side showed that from the point of view of satisfying the consumer's needs and ensuring his comfort and safety, an unscrupulous producer is more an exception than a rule. And it can not but rejoice. But on the other hand, the problem of unreliability of the marking regarding the indication of the actual composition remains. This not only misleads the consumer, but also allows you to manipulate product prices, creating uneven competitive conditions for bona fide producers. This situation will be considered by us at one of the nearest meetings of the State Commission for Combating Illegal Turnover of Products,

said the State Secretary and Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Viktor Yevtukhov.

One of the acute problems of light industry is the discrepancy between the labeling and the actual composition indicated. This trend was revealed earlier in studies of sarafans for girls, trousers for boys, women's jeans. Men's suits did not fall away from her. Deviations from the claimed composition were revealed in the suits of nine brands: btc, DIBONI, Hugo, Grandmen, MAGNIFY, Sono, Svyatnyh, Truvor and Valenti.

Note that DIBONI, Grandmen, MAGNIFY, Svyatnyh, Truvor and Valenti attributed to the composition of the top coat material the wool, which in fact did not appear in the materials: experts saw polyester fibers instead. These facts, undoubtedly, are regarded as a violation of consumers' rights for reliable marking.

Experts have investigated the toxicity of materials from which the jackets and trousers are sewn, to the toxicity index. Normally, it ranges from 70% to 120%. And in general, the industry has no security problems, but one of the 26 manufacturers grossly violated the standard. In the suits of TM Grandmen, the toxicity index was 53.7%, which is a violation of mandatory requirements.

Another point that manufacturers must strictly observe is the stability of the coloring of the costume fabric. According to the technical safety regulations, a jacket can not paint a shirt or "shed" it from rain and sweat. According to the results of the study, for this you can be calm in 25 out of 26 cases: only with TM Grandmen the upper fabric is painted not only from washing, but also from the rain.

However, an unscrupulous producer is an exception, not a rule. According to the results of the study of the Rockwriting, it can be stated that the costumes of all investigated trademarks can be easily ironed, the color of the materials is resistant to the effects of organic solvents and they can be taken to dry cleaners, the suits are not painted with dry friction.

To the materials of the lining of jackets and trousers in TR TS, the requirement of hygroscopicity (absorption of moisture) is not provided, Roskachestvo introduced it in the list of advanced requirements, being guided by the importance of this parameter. For today, with hygroscopicity, ZARA (1.2%) and Slava TM Slava Zaitsev (1.1%) have the worst jackets. These goods can not qualify for the Quality Mark, but they are not violators of the law.

But the norms of air permeability - i.e. the ability of the tissue to "breathe" in TR of the TC is fixed. The air permeability of the materials of the pads is lower than that established in the TP TS, in the costumes of BENAFETTO, Grandmen, H & M, KANZLER, MAGNIFY and Valenti. This can be associated with a large number of polyester fibers in the composition, experts say.

It is interesting that almost all products proved to be very wear-resistant and durable. All products after dry cleaning have kept their size, they do not crinkle during the wear process, and they are also resistant to the formation of pellets. Moreover, almost all products have passed the test for the quality of tailoring - men's pants and jackets are sewn together without any manufacturing defects: opals, discrepancies in length, distortions, creases, etc. There were no common defects on the tissues themselves.

If we talk about the ratio of price and quality and preferred production regions, then there is no universal recipe. Men's suits of Russian production and imported goods have different kinds of violations and shortcomings. Domestic manufacturers often give cheaper analogs for natural fabrics, and costumes made in Asia (China, Bangladesh, Vietnam), honestly report the composition, but differ in poor sanitary and hygienic properties.

One of two samples recognized as high-quality goods was produced in Russia - Clubber (17,347 rubles), the other in Cambodia (MANGO, 11,998 rubles). In this case, the deuce, acknowledged the worst in the sample (Grandmen, 6500 rubles), is also sewn in Russia. The cheapest model - "Frant" (5300 rubles, Russia) fell into the category of quality goods, and the most expensive one - Hugo Boss (40548 rubles, Croatia) is dishonest with the buyer on the label.

Detailed results of the study will be considered at a meeting of the State Commission for Combating Illicit Trafficking of Products, headed by the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov.


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