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Rosstandart Presented In St. Petersburg, The New Possibilities Of Modern Metrology

 Latest achievements and possibilities of modern metrology (in the field of maintenance of unity of measurements), presented in St. Petersburg Head of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) Alexey Abramov .

The event, held at the All-Russian Research Institute of Metrology. Mendeleev (Mendeleev VNIIM) was attended by Chairman of the Committee on Industrial Policy and Innovation Saint Petersburg Maxim Meyksin , Deputy Head Rosstandart Sergei Golubev , Director VNIIM. Mendeleev Cyril Gogolinsky.

Modern Russian metrology - this advanced technology, the most sensitive and high-accuracy measurement systems operated metrologists-experts of the highest competence. Demonstrating reference complexes oldest metrological institutes, Alexey Abramov paid special attention to was approved in April of this year to ensure the unity of the Strategy in the Russian Federation until 2025. The document aims to create a system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements, ready to meet the urgent operational requirements of industry and the economy. Implementation of the Strategy is able to provide Russian leadership position among industrialized countries. In the framework provided by the active development of domestic importonezavisimyh technologies and modern equipment base, ensuring the unity of measurements in the field of regulation.

To ensure metrological independence in terms of the creation of national funds Rosstandart measurement prepared a list of critical measurement nomenclature, the production of which is necessary to master the territory of Russia in the near future. On the solution of these problems is directed one of the new projects - the creation of a specialized park "Lomonosov " in St. Petersburg for the production of automated measuring systems for environmental monitoring in the framework of implementation of best available technologies -

said Alexey Abramov.

Technopark "Lomonosov" will be located at the production site VNIIM. DI. Mendeleev area of ​​over 35 hectares, near St. Petersburg. The project provides for the modernization of existing infrastructure and construction of new industrial buildings and laboratories, residential buildings for employees. Terms of realization - until 2022. The first results of the work in the sphere of high technologies is expected in 2019. For inclusion in the cluster are ready for more than 10 Russian instrument-making companies. The residents of the technopark will specialize in the design and manufacture of measuring instruments and automatic measuring systems for the gas and petrochemical industry, medicine, as well as the creation of "smart" systems kiberfizicheskih.

By 2025, in the industrial park is planned to create about a thousand high-tech jobs and to ensure the share of domestic instruments is not less than 50% of the equipment used in the industrial park.

Chairman of the Committee on Industrial Policy and Innovation Saint Petersburg Maxim Meyksin called the project "a breakthrough for the domestic industry", noting that the industrial park will be able to count on regional tax incentives.

Today, 54 of the 164's state primary standards are kept and improved during VNIIM Mendeleev. The Institute provides 70% of those at the international level measurement capabilities of the Russian Federation. Including VNIIM are standards 4 of 7 of the basic quantities of the international system of units SI - meter kilogram kelvin and ampere. Recall that in the framework of a global international project by 2018 the basic values ​​of the SI must be translated into quantum determination to ensure absolute accuracy and the ability to play an independent standards. 

As part of this project, the Russian-metrologists, scientists have come to a new level of accuracy of definition of the kilogram - the last of the magnitude of the SI, tied to a man-made artifact. Head Rosstandart presented media mass comparator - the hardware and software system for ultra-precise calculation of kilograms. He VNIIM purchased a few months ago. This kind of plants now have units industrialized countries.

Thanks to high-precision "weights", which, in fact, a comparator, we were able to achieve a new quality measurement kilograms - about 1 nanogram tenth. According accuracy of the determination of this important standard Russian is one of five leaders of the international metrological rating. In the near future the industry will bring new requirements for metrology, and our important task - to create advancing scientific reserve -

said Alexey Abramov.  

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