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In Russia, All The Necessary Conditions For The Construction Of Multi-Storey Buildings With Structures Made Of Wood

 In Russia there are all necessary conditions for the construction of multistory buildings using structural parts of wood, including in Moscow. This was stated by Secretary of State - Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Viktor Evtukhov during his speech at the opening of the X Congress of Wood Housing.

The deputy minister stressed that in many countries have successfully implemented similar projects for the construction of high-rise apartment buildings.

World experience shows that the wooden construction - one of the greenest and cheapest technology of building houses. In North America, Scandinavia, parts of Europe and Japan, quite a high proportion of wooden housing. So in the US, Finland, Canada, the share of wooden houses in the total volume of low-rise building is more than 80%. In Japan the rate is 45%. In Russia, about 25% in the structure of low-rise housing on the construction of the walls in the wood of the total volume of housing in the square. m. In this case, the total share of building products use wood housing is a small amount - only 12%, -

he said.

Currently the tallest building constructed with the use of wooden structures is a 32-meter house in Melbourne. Two 30-storey building will be built in Vancouver (Canada). Also, examples of global experience in building high-rise buildings using construction materials from wood are: residential complex Via Cenni altitude of 9 floors in Milan (Italy), 9-storey residential building Stadhaus in London (England), eight-story building WoodInnovationandDesignCentre in Prince George ( Canada).

Appropriate successful projects there and in Russia. It is a residential complex "Slavyanka" in the town of Pushkin (Saint-Petersburg), built by company "DSK" Slavic ", which put more than 500 thousand. Square meters. m. of living space.

The main construction materials of wood in the construction of multi-storey buildings are LVL-lumber, CLT-panel and glulam.

In addition, in accordance with the action plan for the development of wooden housing, approved by the Deputy Minister of the Russian Dmitry Kozak Government, Industry and Trade Ministry of Russia jointly with the Russian Ministry of Construction in 2017 will be developed and amended standards of building design with the use of new materials, wood, floors over 3 floors , -

he said.

Victor Evtukhov also noted that in Russia the production capacity created over the past few years, producing new materials of construction of the timber.

We will ask Moscow authorities to consider using the application of structural materials of wood when choosing technologies for construction of new high-rise buildings in the course of implementation of the state program "Housing", involving the implementation of measures to overhaul and modernize the existing housing stock, including the demolition of the "five-story building," and construction and commissioning of new housing -

he said.

Victor Evtukhov explained that this is supposed to create an expert group of representatives of the Government of Moscow, the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry, the Association of Wood Housing and Development Company.


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