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Russia And Slovakia Discussed Prospects For Bilateral Cooperation

 On February 7, 2018, as part of his working visit to Slovakia, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Georgy Kalamanov held talks with the Chairman of the Slovak part of the Russian-Slovak Intergovernmental Commission and Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic Peter Zhigoy.

The Deputy Minister noted that Slovakia remains a strategic and one of the main trade and economic partners in Central Europe for the Russian Federation, and Slovak enterprises continue to be reliable suppliers of machinery for Russian manufacturing enterprises.

In January-November 2017, the volume of Russian-Slovak trade increased by 27.3% compared to the same period in 2016 and amounted to 4.8 billion dollars,

said Georgy Kalamanov.

The head of the Russian delegation thanked the Slovak side for its readiness to hold regular meetings of the Intergovernmental Commission.

Due to the fact that the 19th meeting of our Commission will be held in Slovakia, we are waiting for your suggestions on the date and place of its holding,

Deputy Minister noted.

The parties also discussed prospects for cooperation in the field of agricultural machinery. In May 2017, a visit was made to the Rostselmash plant by a delegation from Slovakia, which included representatives of ComAgracttechnik, Rostselmash in Slovakia, AGRION, as well as representatives of potential buyers and farm managers. As a result of the visit, the Slovak "KomAgratetehnik" additionally purchased 8 combines.

In continuation of the topic of agricultural machinery, the Deputy Minister invited the Slovak delegation to take part in the October 2018 international exhibition "AgroSalon-2018".

At the end of the talks, the Russian side held a presentation of the Russian application of the candidate city of Yekaterinburg for the right to hold the World Expo in 2025.


For reference:

The Chairman of the Russian part of the Intergovernmental Russian-Slovak Commission for Economic and Scientific and Technical Cooperation is the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, D.V. Manturov. The 18th meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission was held in April 2017 in Moscow.

In May 2017, Russia officially became a contender for the Worldwide Universal Exhibition EXPO 2025. Yekaterinburg was chosen as the candidate from the Russian Federation.

The theme of the Russian application: "Transforming the world: innovations and a better life - for future generations".

The decision on which of the countries will adopt EXPO 2025 will be taken by secret ballot at the 164th General Assembly of the BIE in Paris in November 2018. Osaka and Baku will also fight for the right to host one of the largest international events.

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