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In Russia Starts Large-Scale Study Of Bread

 Russian Ministry of Industry, together with Roskachestvom launched an all-Russian study of bread. The project will analyze the quality of the product on the Russian market and to identify the manufacturer, worthy of the State Quality Mark. The study will take place in three ways - for compliance with mandatory safety indicators, visitors and increased Roskachestva standards.

According to the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov such a large project will identify new industry trends.

 "Current economic realities are pushing the market to focus not only on the affordability of bread, but also on its consumer characteristics , - said the head of the Industry and Trade Ministry of Russia - A distinctive feature of this time is the fact that domestic buyers became much less likely to acquire the traditional for our table product : only in the past 10 years, consumption of bread was reduced by a quarter from 66 to 49 kg per person per year.

The Minister noted that such data is due solely to a conscious choice of the consumer, rather than the reduction of incomes of the population, or deficiency of bread.

"In this context, the quality of the all-Russian study will assess the specifics of the market for each Russian region and outline vectors of development of the industry", - concluded the Minister.

In turn, the head Roskachestva Maxim Protasov called the upcoming test one of the main socially important ministry projects this year.

 "We decided to change the format and submit a separate survey for each federal district. Each month, experts anonymously will buy bread in 5-10 regions and locally deliver the results to the end of the year we were able to analyze the situation on the market throughout the country and to create a clear picture of the results ", - said the head of Roskachestva

In the best accredited laboratories in the country samples were tested by 50 quality and safety. Bread check for the presence of pesticides, phosphate, trace potato diseases such study the physicochemical parameters such as moisture content, ash content, the amount of gluten. An important research vector will be the study of the "naturalness" of the product: experts know which artificial additives and substitutes used in the manufacture of the product. In addition, inspection will reveal the use of low-quality raw materials and the addition of feed wheat.

According to experts, the use of the name "bread" on the products created by the technical conditions, leads to confusion of consumers and discrimination conscientious manufacturers producing products for classical technologies.

The industry believe research is necessary and timely.

For a long time there was no proper control over the observance of technology of making bread, matching its composition the GOST parameters, - said Alexey Lialin , a board member of the Russian Union of Bakers and Rusprodsojuz Association, expert of the Committee on Agriculture of the Russian State Duma, - Today is permitted to produce bakery products for technical terms of preserving the basic kinds of bread in fact have a new product. Active use of frozen semi-finished bakery products in baking technology without notifying the customer that leads to a direct deceit of our population " .

Research quality of bread project starts in the Central Federal District, where it will be bought about 70 of the most popular brands. The study will include samples manufactured in the Belgorod, Bryansk, Vladimir, Voronezh, Ivanovo, Kaluga, Kostroma, Kursk, Lipetsk, Ryazan, Smolensk, Tula, Yaroslavl regions and Moscow.

The first study of bread produced in the territory of the Central Federal District, will be available on the portal Roskachestva by mid-July.

Accredited laboratories have passed the inter-laboratory tests collation (ISI), which revealed the most accurate test centers for this category. In the qualifying round was attended by over 70 accredited testing centers across Russia. According to the results of the qualifying round of the study will take place in six of the best laboratories in Russia.


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