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Russia Will Support Manufacturers Of Measuring Equipment In World Markets

 The Russian Federation will support national manufacturers of measuring equipment in world markets. The decision to provide appropriate support measures to export-oriented enterprises was taken by the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov . The project is implemented by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart), the Russian Export Center (REC) will co-organize.

The new project will help to remove a number of pressing problems faced by domestic manufacturers of measuring equipment when entering the foreign market. As a rule, they are associated with high import duties and technical barriers. For example, to date, the so-called CE certification is an obligatory procedure in the EU countries, confirming the compliance of products with European quality standards and providing access to the European market. This is the well-known "CE" marking, and for measuring instruments there is also a special metrological marking "M".

Confirmation of compliance with the EU directive on measuring instruments is carried out by notified laboratories. Moreover, the manufacturer from a country outside the EU can not directly apply to such a laboratory, only through an authorized EU representative in this field. If we add to this the special requirements for technical documentation for compliance with applicable European standards, then we can present an overall picture of the organizational and technical difficulties that our producers face. A very small part of them, and basically, these are domestic companies - leaders in the market of measuring equipment, pass this difficult path. Another part refers to the services of commercial intermediaries, and the rest simply do not take risks, although they are potentially ready to export.

It is this part of the issues that Rosstandart and REC are ready to solve for manufacturers of measuring equipment, since they have a wide range of international powers and competences in the field of ensuring the uniformity of measurements.

"A large number of manufacturers of measuring equipment in our country has a serious export potential, and often such companies lack only good market analytics and support in overcoming the barriers in foreign markets. Now we have at our disposal all the necessary tools for industrial policy,"- said the head of Rosstandart, Alexei Abramov .

To date, the REC has 16 different special programs to support exporters. It is about subsidizing interest rates on export credits, providing bank guarantees. Among the support measures is also compensation for part of the costs associated with transportation, certification, protection of intellectual property rights, export R & D.

In the framework of non-financial measures, producers are assisted in removing administrative and other barriers, advising companies on the specifics of entering certain markets, finding potential buyers, and organizing dialogue at the intergovernmental level.

"REC has all the competence to provide the necessary assistance, both to experienced exporters, and to companies that are only planning to enter the international market. For nine months we helped about 4,000 exporters to the amount of about 8.7 billion rubles, next year we plan to provide more than 7,000 companies, "the head of the Russian Export Center Group of Companies Peter Fradkov said .

For reference. The Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) is the federal executive authority of the Russian Federation responsible for implementing the policy under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and within the competence of the agency.

JSC "Russian Export Center" (REC) - State Institute for Export Support, established with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation. The Center is a "single window" for working with exporters in the field of financial and non-financial support measures, including interaction with relevant ministries and departments. The Russian Export Credit and Investment Insurance Agency (JSC EKSAR) and ROSEXIMBANK JSC have been integrated into the group of the Russian Export Center to form the Single Window concept. As part of its activities, the REC provides a wide range of services to producers of non-primary products at all stages of the export cycle, interacts with specialized executive authorities, prepares proposals for improving business activities in terms of exports and foreign economic activities, regularly interacts with representatives of the business and expert community, contributes to overcoming barriers and removing the "system" restrictions. Detailed information on the siteRussian export center .


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