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The Russian Company Has Developed One Of The World's Lightest Electric Bicycles

 The Russian company RLE Bike has developed and presented to the general public electric bikes of 2 models - RLE Urban (city bicycle) and RLE Highland (off-road version of MTB Hardtail).

The main task that RLE specialists set themselves is to create an electric bike that corresponds to the TOP level of the world brands, assembled using the latest generation equipment.

The resulting electric bike is practically the same as a full city or MTB bike and has a very light weight - about 13.9 kg. Batteries are hidden in the frame, and the motor-wheel is integrated into the rear hub and almost unnoticeably.

It should be noted that the main element of the bicycle is a bicycle frame - a Russian design and made in Russia. The frame material is a very light aerospace alloy of titanium OT4, subjected to additional processing, to increase strength, fatigue life and rigidity. The frame scheme is patented and does not have world analogues.

The bicycle battery is also assembled in Russia from the most advanced elements to date. The battery lasts from 50 to 70 km with easy pedaling. Do not forget that this is a full-fledged bicycle on which you can go without the help of an electric motor. In this case, the mileage and maximum speed are limited only by the cyclist's capabilities.

The product line has a high export potential. The electric bicycle operates according to European standards, in the so-called Pass mode. This means that the rated power of the motor is limited to 250 W, and the maximum speed is 25 km / h. Thus, the bicycles that are planned to be delivered to Europe will strictly comply with European requirements.

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Startup RLE Bike is a team of specialists from different business areas. The company gathered specialists in the field of cycling, electronics and electrical, from the aerospace industry, marketing, sales and building business processes. The bicycle is assembled in Russia at the production facilities of REDLINE Engineering.

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