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The Russian Delegation Participates In The World Forum Of The UNECE

 The Russian delegation led by Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Alexander Morozovparticipates in the 171st session of the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29) UN European Economic Commission. The Russian group also deputy head Rosstandart Alexey Kuleshov , CEO of GNC RF FGUP "NAMI" Sergei Gysin , representatives of branch organizations and agencies.

Experts from the Russian Federation play a leading role in the work of the World Forum, as with their active participation have been developed new rules for emergency response in case of accidents, passive safety systems, tires and wheels, as well as several others. At present, Russian experts are taking part in the creation of rules on the levels of noise pollution, the content of harmful substances in the interior of the vehicle visibility.

For reference:

The World Forum is a unique global discussion forum, open to the participation of countries from around the world. Any country - a member of the United Nations may participate in its activities and is invited to join one or more agreements in the field of vehicles. For example, the 1958 Agreement and 1998, relating to the construction of new vehicles and their characteristics, as well as to the 1997 Agreement on periodical technical inspections.

As part of the work deals with the implementation of international harmonized requirements into national law of the contracting parties, intelligent transportation systems and autonomous vehicles, the international system of approval of a complete vehicle, the introduction of an electronic database for the exchange of documents of type approval, the adoption of new UN Regulations and changes and additions to existing ones.

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