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Russian Electronic Equipment Will Receive Preferences In Public Procurement

The Government of the Russian Federation has approved a resolution developed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation that will create conditions for long-term development and the formation of competitive advantages of manufacturers of Russian radio-electronic products.

In particular, within the framework of the decree, the Unified Register of Russian electronic products will be created, which will streamline and simplify the procedures for admitting and conducting public procurement for both Russian manufacturers and equipment customers. The document also establishes restrictions on participation in the procurement of imported electronic products.

The decree provides for the formation and maintenance of the register, a special procedure for assigning and confirming the status of telecommunication equipment of Russian origin. In addition, the document makes it possible to increase the size of price preferences by up to 30% when purchasing electronic products included in the Unified Register. In fact, procurement will be regulated in two ways: the “third excess” rule (FZ-44) is approved or preferences increase from the current 15 to 30 percent (FZ-223). The registry enters into force on September 1, and from January 1, it will begin to operate electronically, this will provide an opportunity to integrate it with the Unified Procurement Information System

- noted Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

According to the requirements, a telecom equipment company to enter the register must be registered in the Russian Federation, the participation share of Russian organizations or citizens must be more than 50 percent. The applicant for the status of Russian telecommunications equipment must be a software developer, design documentation, or must have rights to it. Production should be carried out on the territory of the Russian Federation using domestic integrated circuits, and the company should provide test and service support for customers.



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