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The Russian Government Has Allocated Grants To Support Producers Of Agricultural Machinery

 April 17, 2017 the Russian government approved the decree of the Russian Federation Government Resolution № 715-p. the allocation of the reserve fund of the Ministry of Agriculture Russian budget allocation of $ 13.7 billion. rubles for the provision of subsidies to producers of agricultural machinery in the framework of the Russian Federation Government on December 27, 2012 № 1432.

The Federal Government has been prepared pursuant to paragraph 11 of the List of measures aimed at ensuring sustainable socio-economic development of the Russian Federation in 2017, approved by Russian Prime Minister Dmitriem Medvedevym January 19, 2017.

According to preliminary estimates, the volume of sales of agricultural machinery in 2017 in the framework of Resolution number 1432 will be in monetary terms about 60.6 billion. Rubles, and will allow producers to sell more than 21,000 units of agricultural machinery at a discount of 15%, and agricultural producers in the implementation of technology, located in Siberia, the Far East, the Republic of Crimea and the Kaliningrad region - 20%.

In 2016 a positive opinion Russian Industry and Trade Ministry under the Resolution of the Russian Government dated 27 December 2012 № 1432 received more than 70 enterprises of agricultural engineering, is expected in 2017, more than 80 companies will receive state support.



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