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Russian Ministry Of Industry And Creates Information And Financial Infrastructure To The Diversification Of The Defense Industry

 The exhibition "INNOPROM-2017" held a plenary session on "Changes in the defense industry production structure: government priorities and promising markets." In discussing the topic of diversification of the military-industrial complex was attended by Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Vasily Osmakov.

In connection with the reduction in the volume of state defense order to diversify UIC has become one of the priorities of industrial policy. State tasked to bring the share of civil and dual-use products in the total production of defense enterprises to 50% by 2030.

The discussion on adaptation of the Russian defense industry to the new conditions was attended by Industry and Trade Russia, the State Corporation Rostec, Agency for Technological Development, Vnesheconombank, United Rocket and Space Corporation, the NGO "Conversion", CCI, Moscow School of Management "Skolkovo", the Ministry of Industry Belarus.

Deputy head of the Industry and Trade Ministry of Russia noted that the peak of the modernization of defense industry enterprises will soon be left behind. Only in the last five years, the organization DIC bought more than 80 thousand units of new equipment by building up the necessary capacity for the production of high-tech products. In addition, in recent years successfully the process of rejuvenation of personnel. However, after the removal of technical and human barriers should be followed by other changes, primarily lie in the mental plane.

To solve the problems of diversification, defense companies, accustomed to working with one customer in the framework of the state defense order, should have the market mentality. It is not enough just to buy a conditional-the-art machine. With the release of new products need to focus primarily on the market and learn to work with civilian customers -

He stressed Vasily Osmakov.      

With a view to removing information barriers, Russian Ministry of Industry and creates separate electronic services based on GIS "Industry". So, now collects applications from the defense industry organizations on projects related to diversification. In addition, high-end products are formed catalogs of civilian and dual-use, manufactured by defense companies. At the moment, GISP has already made more than 3 thousand items. During the exhibition "INNOPROM-2017" were presented separate directories for electronic equipment and medical devices.

In addition to the information infrastructure, a network of development institutions and partner organizations that will play a key role in financing the defense industry diversification projects. These include Vnesheconombank, the Russian export center and the Industrial Development Fund, the new special program for defense enterprises was approved in the framework of which last week.

Our principled position is that all projects of the program of diversification of the defense industry need to be supported not on direct payments and on return basis. Special program of industry development fund as possible for easy access of enterprises to loans, offering them unique to our market rate of 1% per annum for the first three years of the loan, and 5% in the next two years -

said Vasily Osmakov.    



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