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Russian Ministry Of Industry Plans To Stimulate The Introduction Of Systems Of Unmanned Driving And Intelligent Telematics Systems In Transport

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Alexander Morozov spoke at the XI International Forum navigation "Navitech-2017" and talked about the support of the introduction of innovative technologies that increase safety on the roads.

Since 2017, we equip new vehicles with emergency response equipment failures" ERA-GLONASS ". I would like to note that we are the first country in the world, which has a global system of security on the roads. I thank the automakers, now we transfer process into the hands of "GLONASS", we hope that we will continue to expand the number of services provided to motorists. These services will cover not only the safety and rescue in case of accidents, a lot of new telematics services will be implemented under the current system " , - said Alexander Morozov.

According to him, for the successful implementation of various telematic technologies (ranging from on-line diagnostics of the technical condition of the car and service without the driver to the organization of joint use of cars by several parties in accordance with the city's infrastructure requirements) need to develop a new common rules to determine the role, the opportunities and obligations of the participants party. Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Interdepartmental to develop a working group of the "road map" to generate the necessary changes to the regulatory system for the introduction of telematic transport systems involving car manufacturers, dealers, IT companies, testing laboratories, universities, leasing organizations, representatives of authorities.

In order to increase production and sales of technology, provision of new services, the Ministry of Industry of Russia from 2018 plans to stimulate demand for new vehicles and self-propelled machines with autonomous driving systems (different levels), as well as telematics systems and system "ERA-GLONASS".

"We are considering the possibility of launching in 2018 of specialized programs to stimulate demand for new cars produced in Russia, namely, automobiles, agricultural and road construction equipment ," - said the deputy minister.

He also noted that the main objective is to involve all stakeholders in the implementation of projects on the "digital transformation" of the traditional vehicle or agricultural machine.

Together we have a lot of work together. International Navigation Forum - an excellent opportunity to establish the necessary cooperation ", - said Alexander Morozov.


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