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On Sakhalin, the decisive stage of the "interchange" of the railway track

The peak of the work on the transfer of the railway falls in the summer. At this time, the railroad workers will have to carry out large-scale work: almost 800 km of track on the western and eastern coasts will re-thread the rail line and replace the rail and tie bars by another 113 km.

Sakhalin Railway is significantly different from others. The island is an old Japanese narrow gauge. When cargo arrives from the mainland, the railroad workers have to change carts on the cars. Russian enterprises no longer produce narrow-gauge locomotives. Now the gauge is changed to the all-Russian standard of 1520 mm.

Until June 23 at the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – Vzmorye section, railroad workers will remove the old tracks and lay new rails. And from Vzmor'e, they will go to the north with a re-laying of a rail thread, that is, the rails will be moved to a given gauge. At this time, the sections will limit the movement of trains. On the west coast of the island, work will already be completed and the trains will go on a new broad gauge.

After “remaking” passengers and cargo will be transported on new cars, the traffic will increase significantly. Completely complete the work plan in late August. After that, the last section of the track with a width of 1067 mm in gauge on Sakhalin will remain the Kholmsk-Shakhty direction, with the reorganization of which in 2020 the “remaking” of the island highway will end.



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