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Satellites and drones use to create a digital platform lesvostok.rf

Aeromax and Terra Tech (a subsidiary of Russian Space Systems) will act as partners of the Far East Development Fund (FRDV) in the project to create a new digital platform for the forest complex Lesvostok.rf. The relevant agreements were signed within the framework of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2019.

The new tool is being created on behalf of the Government of the Russian Federation and will allow solving a number of acute industry problems. The basis of the Internet service will be an open interactive map with up-to-date data on available forest resources, on which any investor will be able to select the forest of interest to him, and send an application for the provision of the land for use to the authorized body through electronic document management.

“If until now foresters used paper maps and evaluated the forest“ by eye, ”now we will monitor the forest from space, and we will synchronize and digitize all databases. To increase the transparency of economic turnover, we will introduce electronic auctions and create an electronic exchange of goods and services. A digital wood passport will make it possible to track its entire life cycle, ”said Aleksey Chekunkov, Director General of the FRDV.

Aeromax technologies will be used to assess the state of the forest fund using aerial photography from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Each tree will be recognized by photometric image processing by ultra-precise neural networks. Based on the information received, a digital model of the surface, topography and orthomosaic will be constructed, which independently determines the taxation characteristics of the forest - the age and height of trees, the amount of wood stock, etc.

Terra Tech is one of the leading Russian enterprises in the field of geoinformatics. The company will provide and analyze satellite imagery for the future digital platform. Geoservices allow you to find, organize and analyze spatial information throughout the globe for any period of time.

The digital platform being developed for the forest complex is aimed at increasing the efficiency of both government and market mechanisms in the industry, will provide investors with the “one-stop shop” principle in relations with government bodies and the interconnectedness of existing information systems.

Information provided by the press service of the Far East Development Fund



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