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The Share Of Russian Producers Of Technical Salt Reached A Record And Continues To Grow

The market share of domestic producers of halite increased from 69% to a record 84.4% - this is the absolute maximum in the entire history of Russia. For many years, the share of Russian manufacturers of technical salt was at the level of up to 60%.

The State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Viktor Evtukhov, noted that now there are all possibilities for further increasing the share of Russian enterprises in the halite market.

Achievement of record indicators of Russian technical salt production is the result of coordinated work at all levels from the Government to manufacturing. In the future, it is very important not only to preserve, but also to increase the share of Russian enterprises. Domestic producers have all the resources for this, the main thing is strict observance of uniform rules for the transportation of halite by all market participants. For its part, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia will continue to actively monitor compliance with these standards.

- he stressed.

In January 2019, the Government of the Russian Federation introduced uniform rules for the mandatory transportation of salt for both domestic and foreign suppliers only in an environmentally-packaged form. After the introduction of this ban, foreign enterprises lost the opportunity to ship their own halit in bulk, which, among other things, contributed to the improvement of the environmental situation at the sites of discharge.

As a result, the volume of supplies from Russian producers increased from 1.168 million tons in 5 months of 2018 to 1.365 million tons in the same period of 2019. At the same time, there was no increase in the price of technical salt for final customers - Russian producers optimized the cost of salt due to the increase in production volumes.

If these indicators are maintained until the end of 2019, the total increase in the supply of domestic producers may be more than 1 million tons, and the market share will reach a record 87%.



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