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SMEs in the Far East received 80 billion rubles of financial support

Almost 90 percent of residents of the ASEZ and the Free Port of Vladivostok are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In total, more than 300 thousand SMEs are working in the Far East today. This was told by the First Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East Sergey Tyrtsev during an expert roundtable in preparation for the fifth Eastern Economic Forum on the topic “Small Business in the Far East. Opportunities, conditions, preferences. ”

“Our task as a whole is very simple and understandable - to support and increase the number of SMEs in the Far East. For this, a project office for the development of SMEs in the Far Eastern Federal District has been created in the Ministry of East Development. It will include representatives of federal executive bodies, institutions for the development and support of SMEs, public and financial-credit organizations. The first meeting will be held in September this year, ”said the First Deputy Head of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East.  

The round table was attended by the Director General of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East (ARCHK DV) Sergey Khovrat, Managing Director of the Development Fund for the Far East JSC (FRDV) Kirill Kamenev, as well as Deputy Executive Director of OPORA RUSSIA Ivan Efremenkov.

Among the most popular types of activities of SMEs in the Far East, retail trade, mainly food products (19%), construction of residential and non-residential buildings (17%), as well as the provision of hairdressing services (12%) are indicated. In total, 165 types of products are produced in the Far East by SMEs.

As the General Director of ARCHK DV Sergey Khovrat said, the Far Eastern Hectare program has become a good help for beginning entrepreneurs. The program opened up the possibility of creating a new model of cooperation. Now people can receive land for free, unite and launch a project, taking full advantage of the sharing of technological resources, obtaining government support measures and marketing large volumes of products. ARCHC tested the mechanism for the development of land resources obtained under the Far Eastern Hectare program through the introduction of a cooperative model in pilot projects in the Far Eastern Federal District: program participants choose agricultural specialization (crop production, vegetable growing, animal husbandry, beekeeping, etc.), receive the status of private farms or peasant farms , 

“At present, the Agency has begun to introduce a cooperative model for land development in 8 subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District. 18 projects are implemented, in which about 450 people are involved, ”said Sergey Howrat. 

As the representative of OPORA RUSSIA noted, one of the main problems of business today is the availability of finance. To solve this problem, measures are envisaged in the national project “Small and medium-sized enterprises and the support of individual entrepreneurial initiative”. According to the participants of the event, it is necessary to pay special attention to ensuring access for entrepreneurs to preferential financing, which can be obtained not only through JSC “SME Corporation”, but also through the FRDV through authorized banks (Sberbank and VTB). Thanks to this work, the amount of financial support to SMEs in the Far East amounted to more than 80 billion rubles at interest rates 2-3 points below market conditions.



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