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Sodrugestvo Group acquires Russia based railcar operator Balt-Trans, the second largest operator of grain hoppers in the country

Sodrugestvo Group has acquired Russia-based railcar operator Balt-Trans. Balt-Trans, established in 2009, is the second largest operator of grain hoppers in the Russia.
Balt-Trans contributes 1,875 grain hoppers and 102 boxcars to the Group logistics operations, already consisting of Trans-Agro, a railcar owner, operator and freight forwarder. Combined, the company now owns a total of 2,225 grain hoppers and 102 boxcars and leases 80 vegetal oil cars on a long-term basis. Sodrugestvo was the company’s largest customer prior to its purchase. The Group has received all required regulatory approvals for the transaction.


Sodrugestvo Group CEO, Stephane Frappat said that by combining Balt-Trans’ holdings with the firm’s existing Trans-Agro operations, Sodrugestvo is now able to fully control its logistics chain inside Russia. Frappat further noted that the acquisition demonstrates Sodrugestvo’s commitment to providing the best possible customer service to the agricultural markets in Russia, the company’s most important and rapidly growing region.


Sodrugestvo is a leading international agro-industrial group, based in Russia and with significant activities in Northern Europe and the Americas. The company is focused on serving the global agricultural markets by through owning and managing specialized infrastructure assets - such as its Kaliningrad hub on the Russian coast of the Baltic Sea.
Other operations include dedicated logistics through Sodrugestvo’s international network of warehouses and its large park of railcars; processing oilseeds and animal products to provide high quality proteins and oils to customers around the world; and trading and distributing feed ingredients in selected markets.


Sodrugestvo is a fast-growing company which relies on a great team of over 1,000 employees, strong partnerships with its customers and suppliers and a strategy always adapting to the environment.


Headquartered in Luxembourg, the company has 32 facilities located in nine countries including Russia, Denmark, Brazil, the United States and several Eastern European nations. With consolidated sales of $857 million in its fiscal year ending June 30, 2010, Sodrugestvo has enjoyed average annual growth of 15 per cent or more for the last 10 years.
Sodrugestvo employs 1,300 and is privately held. Balt-Trans is a diversified Russian firm. It owns 45 railway hopper-wagons for transportation of bulk cargoes. Currently, the wagons are engaged in railway transportation of alumina for Achinsk alumina factory.


The company was established in Saint-Petersburg and started its business activities from in port forwarding services of exported non-ferrous metals. Balt-Trans is a main shareholder of port of Vysotsk (160 km from Saint-Petersburg).

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