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The Specialists Of FSUE "TSAGI" Put Into Operation A New Helicopter Aerobatic Stand

 Specialists of the Central hydrodynamic Institute professor named NE Zhukovsky (included in the SRC "Institute named after NE Zhukovsky") have commissioned helicopter aerobatic stand AMS-5.

Stand for rotary-wing aircraft with a set of functional properties (visualization, digital system simulation efforts on the control levers) in Russia for the first time set up. The unit is designed for the study of problems of flight dynamics of different types of helicopters.

The new stand is made up of a fixed cabin of the helicopter type simulators vnekabinnoy situation and cabin instrumentation, system simulations efforts on arms control and a flight computer system. In addition to the pilot location in the cockpit is an engineer working place that manages and maintains stand trial.

Simulator vnekabinnoy situation is eight-channel projection imaging system. Spherical screen has a range of viewing angles in the horizontal plane of 200 °, in the vertical plane - 110 °.

This system synthesizes a three-dimensional scene with a variety of terrain, including the areas of mountainous terrain. The stand can be modeled different visibility and light, taking into account the time of day and weather conditions (rain, snow, fog, thunderstorm, etc..). In addition, the possibility of placing on the stage of stationary and mobile ground, air and marine facilities (drilling platforms, aircraft carriers, aircraft).

The simulator cabin instrumentation implemented by digital synthesis at multiple touch screens.

simulation efforts on the flight control system of levers allows you to simulate management of existing and future helicopters.

Aerobatic stand can operate in the same airspace with existing aerobatic stand. This allows you to explore the twin helicopter flights, for example, transportation monocargo two helicopters.


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