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SPIEF will present an interactive game about Blagoveshchensk

The interactive game “The Most-Most-Blagoveshchensk” was ranked among the 18 best tourism development projects in the world and will be presented at the international economic forum in St. Petersburg in June of this year.

The very idea of ​​the game appeared in Yana Starodub-Afanasyev two and a half years ago. And in 2017, the author conducted the first interactive game.  

“I was hurt that many tourists unfairly offended Blagoveshchensk and said that the provincial city without any significant history. I wanted to restore justice and the idea of ​​such a game came to mind, ”shared Yan Starodub-Afanasyev.  

In 2018, the author received almost 3 million rubles from the Foundation for Presidential Grants to continue her work for this idea. Collecting information for assignments took quite a long time and throughout the country. Not only archives and libraries came to the rescue, the author consulted with specialists - local historians, architects, doctors, athletes, as well as relatives of those residents of Blagoveshchensk who went down in history with their affairs. As it turned out, Amur residents can be proud of many of their fellow countrymen. For example, the doctor Sergei Kolesnikov, who graduated from college in Blagoveshchensk, in 1942 set a world record near Stalingrad, stopping the cholera epidemic in just eight days. And in the Blagoveshchensk Pedagogical University, an archaeologist studied, who discovered a new subspecies of man.

“This game does not tolerate approximation, everything historically needs to be verified, we have tasks in which, with an accuracy of up to 10 centimeters, a place is indicated where it is necessary to get up to see the object. It is difficult to count how many people helped create the game. Sometimes it took up to six months to search for a specific date, but we eventually found it, ”the author noted.

The game takes place in 4 stages: a quest with a special map on the streets of Blagoveshchensk, a creative contest in which the student must make a video of his own tour of his native city, a semi-final and a final. All participants are divided into three categories: 1-4 class, 5-7 class, 8-11 class. In 2017, 30 families took part in the game, in 2018 the number increased to 135, and in the current application 711 people from 164 families sent applications.

“We need to remember a huge amount of information, the simplest is the facts, but with dates and names, things are already more complicated. These 27 cards we taught in the evenings with the whole family, this year even the husband and the youngest daughter joined. Just at one of the stages if the child does not know the answer can help the parent. True, this will bring not two points, but only one, but also a result, ”says Oksana Rudenko, the participant’s mother.  

The final games for each category were held separately on May 16 in Blagoveshchensk, and the stage of the older group was even broadcast live. Award winners 12 will be held on May 20. The prize fund of the game amounted to more than 1.3 million rubles, tablets were prepared for the winners, vouchers to the All-Russia All-Russian Children's Center and to the tourist forum in the Zeya district, certificates for training in language schools and much more.   

Now the author is working on a new project - an interactive map “The Most Amur Region”. On a special site, everyone will be able to learn amazing facts about each settlement of the Amur region.

“I hope that after the presentation of the“ Most-Blagoveshchensk ”project at the SPIEF, other cities of Russia will also support it, because in each you can find interesting and surprising. I saw how the eyes of the participants in Blagoveshchensk were lit when they learned what people lived here and what incredible things they did. And it would be great if in every city, regional center there was a game that anyone can learn about how beautiful this territory is, ”shared Jan Starodub-Afanasyev. 




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