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A Study Of The Quality Of Bread

 A large-scale fan study of the most popular variety of white bread- cut loaves takes place throughout the year in all federal districts of the Russian Federation. Bread is explored in the six best accredited testing centers in the country, including laboratories of Rospotrebnadzor and Rosstandart. The Russian quality system (Roskazhestvo) presented the results of the first stage of this study: the bread of the Central Federal District was tested. 

Bread was tested for compliance with 48 quality and safety parameters, including the presence of potato disease, pesticides, phosphates and bromates, flour quality indicators and consumer properties of bread. In addition, the experts studied what artificial additives and substitutes were used in production. The task was to answer all the questions asked by consumers regarding this product.

The first stage of the all-Russian study included 65 trade marks of bread made in Belgorod, Vladimir, Voronezh, Ivanovo, Kaluga, Kostroma, Kursk, Lipetsk, Moscow, Ryazan, Smolensk, Tambov, Tver and Yaroslavl regions, and also in Moscow.

The study of the Rockiness confirmed that the bread market of the Central Federal District is not characterized by any problems in the field of security. In none of the samples did the experts detect traces of pesticides, E. coli bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus and pathogenic microorganisms. All samples were tested for infection with the causative agent of the "potato disease" of bread for 36 hours, and in none of them was it detected.

In general, the results of the study confirmed that about 42% of the bread examined is high-quality goods that exceed the GOST standards, 40% are safe goods that meet the requirements of the law. Only in 12 cases out of 65 did the experts identify any sort of flaws or inconsistencies in the marking.

According to the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov, theconducted research will give the consumer the necessary reference point in the selection of quality products.

"The task of the state is to ensure a steady growth of legal production and turnover of products, " said the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. "The study sets the benchmark for the consumer - now he can make an informed choice in favor of safety and quality."

Maxim Protsov, the Head of Roskachestvo, said that the results of the research make it possible to draw a number of important conclusions from the point of view of consumer characteristics, and also in a number of cases revealed imperfection of production processes.

The study allows to refute various consumer fears regarding the safety of bread, for example, about the presence of bromates, accelerators of test ripening, pathogenic bacteria. However, with all the safety of bread, we saw a number of cases of oil savings, which affects the quality characteristics of finished products. Individual producers need to control incoming raw materials more rigorously , -

said Maxim Protasov.

The most problematic indicators of the quality of bread was its porosity and the amount of fat. So, in 12 cases the producers did not report oil or margarine. Curiously, most of the violations in terms of the amount of fat in the bread came in Moscow and the Moscow region. In one case, the manufacturer saved on the bread - in the sample under the trademark "Bakery No. 3 in Ryazan" bread was less than declared by the manufacturer on the label, which is a violation of consumer rights.

In the course of the study, organoleptic parameters were checked: color, shape, surface pattern, smell, taste, and the state of the bread crumb. "Weak place" among these indicators was the porosity of the crumb.

From a physicochemical point of view, porosity is a very important characteristic. It shows how much the crumb loosened. Bread with dense crumb will be harder to digest by our body. Or, on the contrary, voids can be observed in the loaf. If the porosity is good - and the elasticity is good: when pressed, the bread will quickly restore its shape , -

explains Elena Meleshkina, director of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Grain and Products of Processing.

The discrepancy with the declared GOST for porosity was recorded in the goods under the trademarks of OOO Lugerservice (Moscow) and Selyanochka (Moscow). Similar inconsistencies were also found in three more samples, but this can not be formally recognized as a violation, since these loaves were not manufactured according to GOST, but according to the manufacturer's specifications.

In the course of the study, special attention was paid to the quality of flour from which bread was made. The widespread consumer myth that at times bread is used, so-called, low-grade forage wheat, was not confirmed. Indirect indicators of the quality of flour indicate that with a high degree of probability, manufacturers used flour of the highest grade.

The quality of flour depends on how much the dough will rise in the oven, whether the crumb of bread will be elastic, tender or dry, crumbling, or, conversely, jammed, crumpled while chewing. At many enterprises, the incoming control of flour is paid close attention today: it is carried out according to GOST indicators, at a number of enterprises - with the help of expensive devices , -

says the leading researcher of the Center for Sectoral Expertise and Publishing Activities of the FGANU Research Institute of the Bakery Industry, candidate of technical sciences Galina Dremucheva.

It is interesting that the cut loaves made not in the capital regions of the Central Federal District are of a higher quality than those produced in Moscow and the Moscow Region (there are 9 goods with disabilities here), while not in the capital - only three (two in Ryazan region and one - in Kostroma).

In addition, among the samples examined there were no "tinted" or "bleached" loaves, but in 6 cases artificial preservatives were found. The amounts found indicate that it is most likely that it fell into bread from margarine. This is not a violation of the standards, but these products with preservatives are deprived of the opportunity to qualify for the state Quality Mark.

The results of the research are available on the Portal of the Rockiness:

The study of the quality of bread of the Southern Federal District, the North-West Federal District and other districts of Russia will be published before the end of 2017.

High-quality bread, claiming for the state quality mark, are named samples:

  • Moscow and the region
  • Favorite bread The post product (JSC Noginsk Bakery, Moscow region), Bill (Moskvorechye OJSC, Moscow), Khlebzavod 28 (ZAO Bread Plant No.24, Moscow), Khlebzavod 22 (ZAO Bread Plant No. 22, Moscow) , Every day (CJSC "Bread Factory" PEKO ", Moscow), Proletarian (" Proletarets "Bakery Company, Moscow), Baton Rifle in packing (ZAO" Dedovski Bread ", Moscow region), Magnolia (ZAO" Bakery №24 ", Moscow ), Every day Lenten product (OJSC KBK Cheremushki, Moscow), Bahetle-Altufevo LLC (Bahetle-Altufevo LLC, Moscow), Nizhny Novgorod bread (Nizhegorodsky LLC cue bread ", Moscow), Ltd." Victoria Baltic "(LLC" Victoria Baltic ", Moscow), the Institute of bread (" Institute of Bread ", Moscow)
  • Tver region
  • ZAO Khleb (ZAO Khleb, Tver Oblast), OAO Volzhsky Baker (OJSC Volzhsky Baker, Tver) 
  • Voronezh region
  • "Bakery №1" (JSC "Bakery №1", Voronezh), With ardor - with the heat! (JSC "Bakery №7", Voronezh), Bakery №2 (JSC "Bread-baking plant №2", Voronezh)    
  • Tula region
  • BOLOKHOVSKY BREAD (OOO "Bolokhovskiy bakery", Tula region)              
  • Smolensk region
  • Vyazma (OJSC Vyazemsky Bakery, Smolensk region)        
  • Yaroslavl region
  • Lyubimkhleb (OJSC "Lyubimkhleb", Yaroslavl region)
  • Vladimir region
  • Gold Kolobok (JSC "Vladimirsky Khlebokombinat", Vladimir region)        
  • Tambov Region
  • "Tambov Bread-baking Plant", No. 5 (OJSC "Tambov Bread-baking Plant", No. 5, Tambov), Bakery on Chichkanova (OJSC "Tambov Bakery", Tambov)              
  • Kostroma region
  • Galichsky Bakery (OOO Galichsky Bakery, Kostroma)
  • Kursk Region
  • Kurskhleb (Kurskkhleb OJSC, Kursk region)
  • Ivanovo region
  • Furmanhahleb (IP Syabitova N.H., Ivanovo region) 

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