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Subsidiaries of KRDV JSC are vested with new powers

A two-day seminar was held at the Vladivostok office of the Far East Development Corporation JSC for the management team of subsidiaries established in the regions to manage advanced development territories.

Welcoming the participants of the training program, General Director of KRDV JSC Aslan Kanukoev spoke about the innovations in the system of advanced development territories and the role that will be assigned to subsidiaries: acting in the interests of investors. To do this, we need to be sure that the processes and tasks will be implemented in full and with high quality. ”

Managers, chief accountants and employees of subsidiaries exchanged experiences of interaction with residents and applicants, reviewed real cases on the construction and operation of infrastructure facilities of the PDA. In turn, representatives of KRDV JSC made presentations and presentations on project management, budgeting, as well as procedures for inspections by supervisory authorities, changes in legislation in the field of accounting and tax accounting.

Vitaly Eksuzyan, Deputy Director of the Investment Department of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, noted that the role of the subsidiaries is to ensure the territorial function of the RDCs in working with residents and potential investors: “Today our policy is based on strategic documents of which for us is the state program "Socio-economic development of the Far Eastern Federal District", which includes a set of activities and Dikatory determine the quality of work. And the responsibility for achieving certain indicators lies, including the subsidiaries. "

To date, the Far Eastern territories of advanced development are managed by nine subsidiary companies of KRDV JSC, which provide comprehensive support to residents and potential investors and are involved in the formation of the infrastructure of the PDA. Among them are management companies in Buryatia and Trans-Baikal, which are created to help implement large-scale projects in new territories designed to maximize the economic potential of the new Far Eastern regions.

According to the General Director of JSC UK TOR Khabarovsk, established in 2015 and controlling the priority development areas Khabarovsk, Nikolaevsk, Amur-Khinganskaya and SPV Vanino and Sovetskaya Gavan, information received during the seminar will expand the sphere of competence in working with investors and residents and ensure the correctness of actions when supporting projects: “For us, it is very important to share successful practices in the development of PDA in the Far Eastern region, to accompany ongoing projects, and most importantly, to This is a solution to the problematic issues of residents, ”added Irina Serova.

Timur Budayev, director of the newly formed management company of TOR “Buryatia”, believes that such meetings allow you to get answers to questions in all directions during communication with colleagues. “I especially want to note the open position of all employees and an interesting communication format. I hope that such meetings will be regular. ”

The result of the training will be a better study of investment projects before filing an application with the KRDV JSC, increasing the level of support for applicants for TOR and SPV and the establishment of uniform standards for support for applicants and residents in all territories.


Information provided by the press service of the Far East Development Corporation.

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