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In The Tomsk Region Launched A New Knitting Production

 Director of the Department for the Development of Domestic Trade, Light Industry and Legalization of Products Turnover took part in the ceremony of launching a new production of knitted pile fabric at the garment factory Tsarina located in the Tomsk Region.

The factory invested 75 million rubles in the new workshop. Its design capacity will be 216 tons of canvas per year. At the same time, the new production will allow "Tsarina" to provide its own requirements for the material and satisfy the wholesale demand for this product.

To date, the annual volume of the Russian market of knitted pile fabrics is estimated at 1600-1800 tons, excluding imports of finished products.

This is a unique enterprise for our country, especially considering that it works in the consumer market, where there is a very competitive environment on the part of our eastern neighbors,

Yevgeny Ryzhov commented on the launch of production.

Director of Garment Factory Tsarina Alexander Gorbatenko told about the history of the company and products, showed the acting and new production to the head of the region Sergey Zhvachkinand the director of the department of development of internal trade, light industry and legalization of the products turnover of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Evgeny Ryzhov .

"Today we have once again convinced ourselves of the multifaceted economy of our region," Sergei Zhvachkin said at the opening ceremony of the provincial governor of the Tomsk region. "We not only extract oil and gas, develop the nuclear industry and process the forest. In our Tomsk region, even in difficult economic conditions, light industry is developing successfully. "

In addition, Sergei Zhvachkin noted that the new products of "Tsarina" will replace up to 10 percent of foreign analogues.

And, of course, the new production creates jobs and additional taxes to the budget, -

Concluded the head of the region.


Knitted fabric (various kinds of fleece, dyed fabric and coated with printed design) are used in the manufacture of jackets, shirts, sportswear, children's clothes, blankets, shoes, hats, toys, military uniforms.

OOO "Garment Factory" Tsarina "was organized in 2001. The company includes Tomsk Leather Goods CJSC and TOKO shoe manufacturer. Production facilities of the factory are located in Tomsk, Tomsk and Kozhevnikovsky districts, the Kemerovo region. The staff of the factory is 150 people. Among the products are soft-stuffed toys, knitted clothes of the nursery assortment, sintepon, bed-clothes, blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, school uniforms, home, walking and special footwear (for chemical and food industries), road-sports bags. The cumulative volume of output is more than 400 thousand units of finished products per year.


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