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Transportation is resumed on a "single" ticket to Abkhazia

From July 23, sales of “single” tickets to the Republic of Abkhazia and in the opposite direction will open. From July 24, transportation will be carried out with a transfer at the Adler railway station and at the Sochi airport to five cities of Abkhazia - Gagra, Pitsunda, Gudauta, New Athos and Sukhum.

You can use the “single” ticket when traveling by train to Adler Train Station and then by bus, and by plane to Sochi Airport and then by bus to Abkhazia. "Single" ticket can be issued on the website of JSC "Russian Railways" and in the ticket offices. There are 8 departures in the summer schedule, including at night.

The international automobile checkpoint Adler, through which the passage is carried out, operates normally, in accordance with the rules of customs. At the same time, since 2018, the number of lanes for buses has increased. This has improved the quality of services and reduced travel time.

International transport is carried out in comfortable minibuses. For the convenience of passengers, a free round-the-clock hotline 8-800-250-18-04 works.

The fare remained at the level of 2018: Sochi - Gagra - 380 rubles, Sochi - Pitsunda - 420 rubles, Sochi - Gudauta - 460 rubles, Sochi - New Athos - 520 rubles, Sochi - Sukhum - 560 rubles.

Recall that trips to Abkhazia on a "single" ticket are already the third holiday season.



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