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A unified digital service for managing the forest resources of the Far East is being created in the Far East

The service will allow you to visualize areas available for doing business (which have no prohibitions and burdens), their qualitative and quantitative characteristics. Also, through a single service in the future they will submit applications for electronic auctions for the distribution of forest plots.  

The Internet service is being developed by the Development Fund of the Far East. In turn, the Far East Investment Promotion and Export Support Agency (ANO IPA) began to analyze the state of forests and identify areas for “forest investments” to launch projects for deep wood processing.

“We are conducting a detailed analysis of the state of forests. In its framework, taxation data are updated, including information on age, species composition, forest density, stocks, as well as infrastructure and hydrography — factors that determine the possibility of its economic use. We have experience of such a study for the implementation of specific projects, however, forest inventory is a systematic work that is necessary in general to understand the characteristics and investment attractiveness of each region, ”said Maxim Duz, Deputy General Director of ANO IPA.

According to the representative of ANO IPA, the study is carried out in several stages. At the first - a digital basis is being formed based on the materials of the existing forest inventory. At the second stage, according to space and aerial surveys, this information is updated and updated. At the third stage, the map of “economic efficiency”: calculation of possible felling in the context of the prevailing species, calculation of the distance of timber export to planned production, clustering of harvesting zones.

“Often the problem of using the plots is that with a nominal location of 100 kilometers from the planned production, the actual transport leverage on existing roads is 300 or more kilometers,” said Maxim Duz.

The work of two development institutions of the Far East: ANO IPA and FRDV is constantly coordinated. The data collected by the Agency of the Far East for attracting investment and export support will be integrated into the unified digital service for managing forest resources in the Far East.

Information provided by the press service of the Far East Investment Promotion and Export Support Agency



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