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Updated rules for the transport of perishable goods by rail

As part of the work related to the “regulatory guillotine”, the Ministry of Transport conducts a systematic comprehensive processing of the regulatory legal framework governing the carriage of goods by rail. The main purpose of this work is the elimination of redundant and outdated transport regulations.

The relevant  order of the  Ministry approving the updated rules for the transport of perishable goods by rail was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia on 10 June.

The order reflects the structural changes that have occurred in the railway industry since 2003, and also takes into account the peculiarities of transportation of certain types of products. The document has become much simpler and clearer - the requirements for the temperature regime for the transport of perishable goods are brought into line with the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The rules divide perishable goods into two categories - those that are transported with mandatory compliance with the temperature regime (we are talking about frozen meat and fish products), and those for transportation of which the type of rolling stock or container type is determined by the shipper, in accordance with the requirements established by the manufacturer of the product to its quality.

The manufacturer, working in a competitive environment, understands that high-quality preparation of products for transportation, taking into account the properties of the product, the mode and shelf life, is a necessary condition for its successful implementation.

New transportation rules imply such an approach to the transportation of perishable goods, which will allow to remove unnecessary administrative barriers, as well as to make transportation more accessible to shippers. As a result, the range of goods transported by rail will be expanded.

A registered order will take effect 180 days from the date of its official publication.



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