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Updating The "AUTONET" Road Map Within The Framework Of The National Technological Initiative

 The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia together with the non-commercial partnership "Assistance to development and use of navigation technologies" in the framework of the implementation of the Action Plan ("road map") "Autonet" of the National Technological Initiative, is developing a "legislative road map" that eliminates legal uncertainty in the development of new markets "Autonet" .

The implementation of the activities of the "road map for legislative support" will create the necessary regulatory and technological support for the "Autonet" Road Map.

The expected result of the implementation of the "roadmap for legislative support" is the creation of a framework for:

  • development and introduction of new technologies, products (goods, services) in the markets of "Autonet" STI;
  • maintenance of development of technologies of the active help to the driver and autonomous driving and application of such technologies in various sectors of economy (including niche - warehouse logistics, agriculture);
  • maintenance of development of technologies of telematic transport systems and intellectual automobile systems and services on their basis, rendered on new progressive business models, including in order to improve road safety;
  • aggregation and effective application of "big data" (BigData), formed by wheeled vehicles operating in the territory of the Russian Federation, the formation and modernization of the infrastructure for collecting, processing, storing and providing such data via various communication channels;
  • ensuring the development of technologies to improve the accuracy and reliability of positioning and digital mapping;
  • further development of communication technologies and cyber security.

The composition of the working group on improving legislation and removing administrative barriers for the implementation of the Action Plan ("road map") of the "Autonet" National Technological Initiative was approved at the meeting of the Interdepartmental Working Group on the Development and Implementation of the National Technological Initiative under the Presidium of the Presidential Council for Modernization of the Economy and the innovative development of Russia (Minutes No. 3 of June 19, 2017).

In addition, the working group on the development and implementation of the "Autonet" road map, co-headed by Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Alexander Morozov and President of the Nonprofit Partnership "Promoting the Development and Use of Navigation Technologies" Alexander Gurko, continues to select promising technological projects for inclusion in the Road card "Autonet". Project companies can be provided with organizational, informational, financial and other complex support.

The authors of the most interesting, technically feasible and commercially promising projects will address the experts of the "Avtonet" Working Group and will have an opportunity to enter the common base of the projects of the "Autonet" of the National Technological Initiative in case of a successful speech.

The working group is currently considering projects and ideas sent by all interested parties to e-mail: with a note "Project / idea for Autonet".

The deadline for the collection of proposals is September 15, 2017 inclusive.

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