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Ural Turbine Plant Produced The First Of A New Generation Of Cogeneration Turbine To PJSC "MOSENERGO" - The Largest In The World

 Ural Turbine Plant (UTZ controlled holding ROTEK included in GC "Renova") issued the first of a new generation of cogeneration turbines - T-295 / 335-23,5. Developed and produced in less than three years, cogeneration turbine is the largest in the world: its maximum power capacity is 335 MW. The energy of the turbine to be installed at the CHPP-22 PJSC "Mosenergo" in the suburban town of Dzerzhinsk, will provide warmth around 100 thousand apartments.

T-295 - is the first Russian turbine, which is pre-installed equipment to connect to the IP system prognostics "Prana". Receiving information from the turbine sensors, "prana" can troubleshoot and prevent possible damage to the equipment for 2-3 months before they occur.

The use of the latest methods of digital modeling and analysis has allowed designers to increase the efficiency of UTZ individual stages of the new turbine unit of up to 92%, and the entire installation - up to 40% (in condensing mode). In the manufacture of the turbine have been used the most advanced materials, which has resulted in the unique world practice indicators of reliability, safety and efficiency of the installation.

The new series of the Ural trucks will replace develop their resource of turbine T-250, and will be the key "generator" of heat and electricity to supply the largest cities in the country.

The solemn opening ceremony of a new turbine of Russian Industry and Trade Ministry was attended by Deputy Director of the Machine Tool and investment engineering Oleg Tokarev. He read a greeting speech addressed to the UTZ team of the First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Gleb Nikitin, in which in particular it was noted:

"Russian Ministry of Industry supports the development of the modernization of power generation facilities equipment business power engineering companies. We see here a significant effect for the electric power industry, is to maintain the entire fleet of generating equipment at a sufficiently high level, and for power engineering - in relation to the development of competencies in high-tech fields, including in the turbine construction. "

Information about the turbine T-295 / 335-23,5

The application of modern electro-hydraulic control system expanded the permissible parameters of the T-295 and allowed to reach unique to the world practice reliability and energy security settings. Electrical control and protection system is made on the basis of modern industrial controllers Russian production.

The temperature of the fresh steam and reheat steam turbine reaches 565 ° C. For production of parts, which could operate in such conditions, the martensitic steel grade was used with a high chromium content. This solution has allowed to increase the design life of up to 250 thousand pieces. Hours. Noise turbine unit has unprecedented efficiency and can reduce noise by 70 dB.

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