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Vacancies at enterprises TOR and SPV attract residents of the Far East

The Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East in its work on the selection and attraction of specialists to DFO enterprises pays special attention to the local labor market, and in the course of staffing new investment projects gives it priority. In turn, residents of the region eagerly respond to vacancies from resident companies TOR and SPV.

The resident of TOR "Nadezhdinskaya" LLC "Primorsky Plant" EUROPLAST "" established in the region the production of PET preforms and polymer caps for packaging water, juices, milk, as well as the production of polymer packaging - film and tape in any options on the market. Today, every third plastic bottle in Russia is produced at the EUROPLAST seaside plant. The ARCC of the Far East and the resident of TOR have long and fruitfully cooperated in the field of providing the enterprise with qualified personnel. A recent example is the story of Anton Dubrovin, today occupying the post of commercial director of the plant.

“We were familiar with the employed before — a year ago Anton Dubrovin’s candidacy was selected for us by AREC specialists of the Far East to another position,” says Elena Nikitenko, HR manager of the EUROPLAST plant. - But from personal contact with Anton Arkadyevich, it became clear that his professional competence is higher than the vacancy being closed. Therefore, we came to an agreement that Anton will join our staff reserve. And so it happened - at the end of April 2019, due to internal reorganization, a vacancy of a commercial director was released to the company, and Anton was offered a new position. ”

Thus, a resident of Vladivostok Anton Dubrovin from the personnel reserve joined the top management and was hired as the commercial director of the plant. For Anton, Vladivostok is the city where he built his career. Anton Dubrovin has been working in the sphere of commercial activity for more than 10 years and has gone from a sales manager and sales agent to a commercial director of a large company. In Primorsky Plant EUROPLAST, LLC, it is entrusted with strategically important functions - it deals with marketing, supply and sales. The formation of the company's revenue and profits is in the direct responsibility of the commercial director, therefore, with the assumption of this position, the plant places great hopes on Anton.

“For me, work at EUROPLAST is the development of professional skills, the study of a new sector of the economy, the specifics of the market,” says Anton Dubrovin. “In addition, working in an enterprise that is a resident of a priority development area gives an insight into new business realities of the region, allows you to see the economic processes in bulk and in perspective.”

The ARCS DV cooperation with the EUROPLAST plant continues - in particular, today the Agency is looking for new specialists for the enterprise on the local labor market, among them the supply manager.


Information provided by the press service of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East

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