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Vladimir Putin Said The Need To Stimulate Industrial Growth At The Regional Level

 Today Vladimir Putin visited a plant of the Rostselmash group of companies during his working trip to Rostov-on-Don, where he got acquainted with the company's activities, inspected the workshops for assembling tractors and combines and finished products.

On the site of the enterprise, under the chairmanship of the President, a meeting of the Presidium of the State Council was held, dedicated to the prospects for the development of the industrial potential of Russian regions. During the meeting, the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov made a report.

At the plant "Rostselmash" the head of the state got acquainted with the working process in the assembly shop of tractors and looked at the ready-made machines. Further, Vladimir Putin was shown a training simulator of a combine harvester, and also demonstrated the operation of a monitoring system, thanks to which it is possible to receive various data from each agro-machine in real time. In addition, the President was presented with the novelty of Rostselmash, the harvesting machine Torum 785.

After inspecting the working capacities on the site of the enterprise, a meeting of the Presidium of the State Council for the Development of the Industry of the Regions was held.

The head of state noted that against a background of insignificant industrial growth of 1% in the last year, a number of sectors demonstrated a confident dynamics: transport engineering, automotive industry, pharmaceuticals, textile, food and chemical industries.

In 2017, the production of railway locomotives and rolling stock increased by 33 percent, motor vehicles by 13 percent, medicines by 12.3 percent, textiles by 7 percent, food products by 5.6 percent, chemical products by 4 percent, 3 percent

voiced by Vladimir Putin.

He stressed that the most important task for all levels of government and the key condition for the development of the social sphere is the stimulation of industrial and economic growth. For this reason, it is necessary to support promising projects for the production of products, which will be in demand in the domestic and foreign markets. According to the President, it is necessary to increase the availability of financial resources for enterprises. In this regard, he noted the work of the Industrial Development Fund:

In its portfolio there are about 270 projects with a total volume of private investments exceeding 170 billion rubles, with the participation of the fund, 35 new productions have already been opened

quoted the data of Vladimir Putin.

He also assessed the role of the Central Bank in supporting production: on sectoral measures to support the aircraft industry, shipbuilding, radio electronic industry, and other sectors of industry, in 2017, 262 billion rubles were allocated from the federal budget.

The President stated the need to stimulate industrial growth at the regional level and called for working out special measures to support small manufacturing businesses in order to reduce the risks of starting entrepreneurs and stimulate high-quality employment on the ground.

In his report, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia Denis Manturov spoke about the development of industrial infrastructure on the ground. According to him, over the past 5 years the number of operating industrial parks has increased almost 4-fold. To date, there are 157 such sites in the country and another 76 are under construction.

The Minister stressed that increasing the flow of public and private investments in regional projects is one of the priorities of the department. Thus, sectoral and regional plans for import substitution were coordinated, so that 345 billion rubles of extra-budgetary funds could be invested in new projects in the regions, and this amount will double in the next three years.

To reduce disproportions in the industrial development of regions, the state created preferential tax regimes within 9 special economic zones and 45 territories of advanced development. For further work on the alignment of sectoral and interregional balances, the state information system "Industry" was created. We also plan to create a register of investment projects as a navigator for private investors, and a digital platform for companies to access regional trading platforms

said Denis Manturov.


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