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Women Industries Was Awarded The Prize "Public Recognition: Woman Of The Year - 2016"

 The solemn awarding ceremony of the Eurasian Women's Forum "Public recognition: Woman of the Year - 2016" took place in the Federation Council on the eve of International Women's Day 2016 ".

The award "Public Recognition" was established at the First Eurasian women's forum in 2015. For the Russians has been allocated a separate annual award "Public Recognition: Woman of the Year" - for special contribution to the socio-economic development of the country. The ceremony was conducted Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko. The event was attended by Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Gulnaz Kadyrov.

This year, achieving compatriots were awarded nominations: "Science and industrial potential," "High Technology and Information Security", "Culture and spiritual development", "Made in Russia. The development of Russian exports "," Preservation of traditions "," Calling save "," Charity without frontiers. "

In the nomination "Science and industrial potential of the" Prize of the Eurasian Women's Forum "Public recognition. Woman of the Year - 2016 "Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Director of the State Research Institute of Chemical Products was awarded the Rose Gatina . Rose Fatyhovna - author of over 260 scientific papers, including 2 monographs and more than 80 patents for the development and creation of new technology was awarded the Prize of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology.

In the nomination "Preservation of Traditions" Award of the Eurasian Women's Forum "Public recognition. Woman of the Year - 2016 "was awarded the CEO Bashkir arts and crafts" Agidel " Zuhra Ismagilov . Zuhra Salavatovna - Member of the State Assembly Kurultai of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Chairman of the Association of Light Industry Enterprises of the Republic of Bashkortostan "BashLegProm".

A characteristic feature of modern times is the rapid increase in the proportion of women managers in the economy, Russia leads the world in the number of women researchers.

It is worth noting that the proportion of women in industry organizations related to the field of ministry's activity, is 37.4%. Women's employment in the industry has a great variation in the type of activity and the level of their posts. Professional section shows that the most popular profession among women are related to the category of "experts in the field of science and technology" - they choose 33% of the total number of women employed in industry organizations. Women's labor is used not only in traditional industries, such as light industry, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, but also in electronics, shipbuilding, aviation and defense industry.

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