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Work in ANO IPA gives development to professional competencies

The Far East Investment Promotion and Export Support Agency (ANO IPA) recruits and helps to receive additional education for graduates of financial, economic, technical and IT specialties.

“Our interns can become students of more than a hundred leading universities in Russia. The best participants in the program will receive the opportunity for subsequent employment in our Agency, as well as in the most promising enterprises of the Far East. This summer more than twenty trainees have an internship, ”Daniil Polovinka, deputy general director, head of the investment block of ANO IPA, commented.

Semen Putin, a graduate of the Higher School of Economics and Moscow State University, was one of the first participants in the ANO IPA internship program. M.V. Lomonosov. After a successful internship in 2018, he was hired by the Investment Projects Department, and after a year of work, with the assistance of the IPA, Semyon Putin won a training grant to participate in the educational program created as part of the Chinese government's “One Way - One Belt” initiative (Belt and Road Initiative). “In parallel with training, I will represent the interests of the Agency in Shanghai, interact with investors, and talk about the competitive advantages of the Far East. And at the end of the program, I’ll be back and continue to work in the Moscow office, ”says Semyon Putin.

As Anastasia Rychkova, HR Director of ANO IPA recalled, the first internship program was held from May to August last year. “More than 800 resumes from 60 leading Russian universities were sent for selection. In total, 20 trainees were selected who had practice in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Vladivostok and Moscow. Based on the results of the practice, the best trainees got a permanent job at the Agency, ”she said.

According to Leonid Petukhov, Director General of ANO IPA, "the successful implementation of the internship program will stimulate the consolidation and influx of talented specialists into the Far East."

This year, internships will be available in ten cities. “Novice specialists will be able to practice not only at the Agency, but also at large Far Eastern companies. And based on the results of the internship, the employer will be able to decide on their employment. The program aims to create the largest base of personnel reserve for enterprises implementing investment projects in the Far East. We also plan that a number of trainees will become part of our team, ”Anastasia Rychkova explained.

Information provided by the press service of the Far East Investment Promotion and Export Support Agency



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