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Yuri Trutnev: Amur Region Should Be Using Advantages of Proximity to Asia-Pacific Markets

As part of his working visit to the Amur Region, Deputy Prime Minister - Presidential Plenipotentiary to the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev held a meeting on the social and economic development of the region.

The Deputy Prime Minister instructed the Agency for the Far East to attract investment and support exports, together with regional authorities, to conduct an inventory of land in the Amur Region.

“We need a good analysis of which lands can still be put into circulation. Today, our neighbors from China are interested in increasing the supply of soybeans. Why shouldn't the Amur Region earn more on this? We need to look at our capabilities and maybe increase the amount of land that can be used for the production of this culture, ”said Yuri Trutnev.

According to the results of the harvesting company in 2018, the soybean harvest in the Amur Region was more than 1 million tons. The Amur Region is the only region of the Far East where soybeans are grown in such large volumes, and this advantage should be effectively used, including to increase the volume of exports of downstream products.

According to the Governor of the Amur Region, Vasily Orlov, this year, 250 million rubles will be allocated from the regional budget to support agricultural producers to compensate for the cost of equipment. "This is not enough. In this regard, we asked the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia to provide state support for reimbursement of expenses for the purchase of equipment and transportation costs to the Far East. State support is also necessary in terms of the purchase and transportation of fertilizers from producers, ”the governor noted.



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