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Yuri Trutnev held a meeting of the government subcommittee on the implementation of investment projects in the DFO

As part of the project to create methanol production in the Amur Region, budget funds will be allocated for the construction of related infrastructure. This decision was made following a meeting of the government subcommittee on the implementation of investment projects in the Far East, held under the leadership of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation - Presidential Plenipotentiary Representative in the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev.

As the deputy prime minister recalled, opening the meeting, “in the Far East 1597 investment projects are being implemented, for which measures of state support are provided.” We are talking about tax benefits for residents of preferential regimes of TOR and the free port of Vladivostok, the provision of infrastructure support for investment projects, preferential loans to the Development Fund for the Far East. “The volume of investments under the agreements amounts to 3.8 trillion rubles. 136.9 thousand jobs will be formed. In fact, 527 billion rubles have been invested, 36 thousand jobs have been created, 214 enterprises have already been commissioned, ”he said.

In the city of Skovorodino, Tehnolizing, JSC (the Unified Social Tax Group of Companies) is planning to launch methanol production with a capacity of 1 million tons. The project will be implemented in the TOR "Svobodny". “Private investment in the project will amount to 49 billion rubles. It is planned to create 270 new jobs. This is an important investment project. I expect that its implementation will have a significant socio-economic effect not only on the development of Skovorodino and the Amur Region, but also of the Far East as a whole, ”noted Yuri Trutnev.

To start production, an appropriate infrastructure is required, in connection with which the investor turned to the Ministry for the Development of Russia for support. “The sub-commission unanimously decided to support the project,” commented Yuri Trutnev.

In total, 4.9 billion rubles are needed to create infrastructure facilities for the project. It is planned to create 5 objects of the external infrastructure of the TORF Svobodnyi worth 2.9 billion rubles. This includes power supply, construction of pipelines and gas pipelines, and an access road. This amount of financing of the Ministry of the East of Russia is ready to envisage in the state program "Socio-economic development of the Far East and the Baikal region" in the framework of creating an infrastructure of TOP. In addition, the construction of transport and engineering infrastructure in the city of Skovorodino, as well as the construction and reconstruction of social facilities. The total amount of funding for the creation of these objects amounts to 2 billion rubles.

Also at the meeting of the subcommission was reviewed the adjustment of plans for social development of the centers of economic growth of the Far Eastern regions. “57 economic growth centers have been identified that cover 6.6 million people in the Far East (81% of the population of the Far Eastern Federal District). 412 events will be implemented in these centers, including 32 schools and kindergartens built, 22 hospitals, 19 cultural centers, 37 sports facilities, social and engineering infrastructure facilities reconstructed, new equipment for social facilities purchased, ”Yuri Trutnev clarified.

In 2018, 23.7 billion rubles were spent on the formation of the social infrastructure under this program, 58 events were implemented. Among the activities are the construction of a school in Yakutsk, the reconstruction of the district hospital in Pevek (Chukotka), the equipping of 2 hospitals in the Amur Region with medical equipment, the installation of 8 medical and obstetric centers in Primorsky Krai, the opening of 7 sports facilities and 9 universal combined sports grounds in Sakhalin Region, equipping with WorldSkills 51 standards at a specialized secondary school and others.

This year, 280 events are planned, including the construction of 15 health facilities (hospitals, FAPs, ambulance stations), 7 schools and kindergartens, 39 sports facilities and 5 cultural centers.

“Updating the plans for the social development of economic growth centers is associated with savings and accelerated construction of facilities. We proceeded from the fact that money should come in a timely manner. If regions build objects faster than planned, they should receive funding in the required amount. Therefore, the adjustment plans is technical in nature. Work on all facilities continues, ”explained Yury Trutnev. According to the vice-premier, additional funding in 2019 was allocated to the Republic of Buryatia in the amount of 278 million rubles. The funds will go realization of 17 new events.

It should be noted that in 2018-2021, the construction of social infrastructure in the points of economic growth of the Far East in the framework of a single subsidy will be provided 94.2 billion rubles. The activities of plans for the social development of economic growth centers are identified in conjunction with investment projects that are the basis of economic growth and employment.



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