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  • ARCHK DV attracts highly qualified specialists to the enterprises of residents of the TOP

    Technological production of residents of priority development areas require providing them with personnel with a high level of professional training. The seaside company REV-Stroy is a resident of the Nadezhdinskaya TOP and specializes in glazing construction projects - the construction of winter gardens, glass roofs, facade glazing, including with solar-powered heating collectors integrated into them. In this area, the company has gained unique experience by participating in the construction of both large objects - shopping centers,

  • Russia’s further steps concerning the termination of the INF Treaty

    The attention of the entire world, especially in Europe, was focused on the final destruction of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty by the United States.

  • Representatives Of Departments Discussed New Measures Of State Support In The Acquisition Of Agricultural Machinery

    The first meeting of the Interdepartmental Working Group on improving mechanisms for supporting the acquisition of domestic equipment by agricultural producers took place. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, leasing companies and Russian agricultural equipment manufacturing plants.

  • More than 97 thousand foreigners visited the Far East on an electronic visa

    In two years of applying the electronic visa mechanism, 97,204 foreign citizens entered the Far East on an electronic visa. In total, more than 133.9 thousand applications for applying for an electronic visa have been submitted.

  • Amur Region offers Indian companies cooperation in a number of industries

    The Amur Region offers Indian companies the implementation of projects for the deep processing of soybeans, the creation of livestock breeding complexes for the dairy and meat industries, petrochemicals, ceramic products, and logistics services. This statement was made by the Governor of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov at a plenary meeting held during the visit of the Indian business delegation to Vladivostok.

  • Over 130 Indian companies come to the Far East with a business mission

    Deputy Prime Minister and Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev took part in the events of the Indian business mission, which arrived in Vladivostok led by the Minister of Trade and Industry of the Republic of India Piyush Goyal. 

  • Industry Industry Working Group Plans To Create A Digital Transformation Solutions Bank

    The first meeting of the Digital Industry sectoral working group (ORG) under the Digital Economy organization, under the joint leadership of Oleg Bocharov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, and Vasily Brovko, Director for Special Assignments of the Rostec Group of Companies, was held on August 9 in the territory of the Oktava industrial cluster Tula.

  • A greenhouse complex on the “Far Eastern hectares” is being built near Magadan

    The owners of the “Far Eastern hectares” in the Magadan Region are actively using state support measures available in the region. Dmitry and Guzal Yesikovs from Magadan became winners of a regional grant of 3 million rubles. The funds received will go to the development of crop production - on their hectares, farmers will erect year-round greenhouses. One of them has already been built, and within a year and a half five more will appear.

  • Alexander Kozlov discussed with the Minister of Trade and Industry of the Republic of India the development of tourism in the Primorsky Territory

    The Minister of Trade and Industry of the Republic of India, Piyush Goyal, arrived in Vladivostok as part of a business mission. Together with the Minister, 5 state ministers of India, members of the Parliament of the Republic arrived in the Far Eastern capital. On the Russian side, the delegation was led by the Minister for Development of the Far East and the Arctic, Alexander Kozlov.

  • The transport complex of the Astrakhan region is waiting for large-scale changes

    On August 7, Yevgeny Dietrich made a working trip to the Astrakhan region and, together with the acting regional governor Igor Babushkin, examined a number of transport objects.

  • Free port resident opens a warehouse complex with freezers

    Iceberg Logistic completed the construction of a production and storage complex with freezers in the Primorsky Territory. The project, worth about 57 million rubles and designed to create 21 workplaces, was implemented as part of an agreement on investment activities in the free port of Vladivostok with JSC Far East Development Corporation.

  • A unified digital service for managing the forest resources of the Far East is being created in the Far East

    The service will allow you to visualize areas available for doing business (which have no prohibitions and burdens), their qualitative and quantitative characteristics. Also, through a single service in the future they will submit applications for electronic auctions for the distribution of forest plots.  

  • At WEF-2019 will present services for investors

    The information desk “Services for Investors” will become one of the prominent parts of the exposition of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and development institutions at the V Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok (September 4-6, 2019).

    The selection of services was carried out by the Far East Agency for Attracting Investments and Export Support (ANO IPA).

  • Practical decisions on the development of human capital in the Far East will be presented at the strategic session of ARCHK DV

    The strategic session “Development of human capital in the Far East” will be held in Vladivostok on August 12–13. The event is organized by ANO ARCHK DV. Representatives of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, regional executive bodies, the largest enterprises of the Far Eastern Federal District - including the ASEZ, SPV and key investment projects - representatives of organizations of higher and secondary professional education, work sites and personnel agencies of the Far Eastern

  • Farm, apiary, housing and amateur airfield: a settlement is being built in Kamchatka on the “Far Eastern hectares”

    In the Yelizovsky district of the Kamchatka Territory, agglomeration is being formed on “Far Eastern hectares” - participants in the Beringia races with like-minded people took about 39 hectares, where they build their own housing, equip aviaries for their pets, and also engage in farming. In the future, a small amateur airfield is planned to be opened on the site. The press service of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East found out about plans for the development of "Far Eastern hectares."

  • ANO IPA attracts co-investors in the Khabarovsk project for the development of channel deposits

    Amur-Ruslo-Dobycha LLC is implementing a project in the Khabarovsk Territory for the extraction of non-metallic building materials from riverbed deposits, as well as processing into finished products in the form of dry building mixtures. Project support, including the search for co-investors, is provided by the Far East Investment Promotion and Export Support Agency (ANO IPA).

  • Work in ANO IPA gives development to professional competencies

    The Far East Investment Promotion and Export Support Agency (ANO IPA) recruits and helps to receive additional education for graduates of financial, economic, technical and IT specialties.

  • In Yakutia, the construction of the second stage of the cardiology center was launched

    The first pile of the Republican Cardiology Dispensary of the National Center of Medicine was hammered in Yakutsk. The construction of the cardiovascular center on the initiative of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the development of the Far East and the Arctic was included in the federal program “Single subsidy”. In total, 4 billion 597 million rubles will be allocated for the construction of the second stage.

  • Another Automaker Is Ready To Join The "Spik Club"

    A meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission on the conclusion of Special Investment Contracts was held. During the event, a decision was made on the possibility of concluding a SPIC with Xavale Motor Manufacturing Rus for the implementation of the project “Construction of a car factory, including a stamping, welding, painting, assembly, spare parts production” project.

  • ARCHK DV expands the format of staffing for residents of TOR

    The electronic job fair was held on the basis of Pacific State University from July 1 to July 31 with the participation of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East. The new format of personnel recruitment measures has proven to be effective: more than 130 organizations and companies of the Far East of various forms of ownership and economic sectors took part in it. The region's employers announced at the fair more than 200 vacancies for the total number of employees of more than 400 people. For employers on

  • Development Corporation of the Far East prepared the first residents for the new TOR “Transbaikalia”

    General Director of the Corporation for the Development of the Far East, Aslan Kanukoev, was on a working visit to the Trans-Baikal Territory. The main reason was the decision to create a new territory of advanced development “Transbaikalia”, which was signed by the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev.

  • Evgeni Dietrich met with the Russian trade union of railway workers and transport builders

    The meeting was held on July 31 at the Ministry of Transport of Russia, on the eve of the professional holiday - the Railwayman's Day.

  • The law on the expansion of the use of the electronic visa mechanism is being submitted to the State Duma

    The draft law on the distribution of a simplified procedure for the entry of foreign citizens on electronic visas on the territory of automobile, river and mixed checkpoints across the state border of the Russian Federation in the Far East was considered at the next meeting of the Government of the Russian Federation.

  • Determined the procedure for foreign ships entering the ports of the Far East and the Arctic

    Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that establishes the legal order for foreign tourist ships to enter the ports of the subjects of the Russian Federation belonging to the Arctic zone and the Far Eastern Federal District. According to the  document , a list of ports will be formed in which foreign tourist ships will be allowed to embark and disembark tourists for sightseeing, as well as to replenish

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