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Belgorod is a city located in Western Russia based near the Seversky Donets River. Just 40 km away from the north of the Ukrainian border, Belgorod is the gem of the Black Earth Region, full of rich farmland and plenty of mineral resources. It is one of the largest agricultural districts of Russia producing cash crops such as sugar and sunflower and various useful products such as grains, milk and meat.

The main industries operating in this region are the production of electricity, metalworking, and manufacture of buildings, chemicals and food processing. Apart from these, metallurgy and mining are one of the most important industries in Belgorod, which mainly revolve around the Kursk magnetic anomaly, which accounts for a mammoth 40% of total reserves of iron ore of Russia.

Why invest in Belgorod 

The main attracting point of Belgorod is its geographical location. It is located across the national border of Russia and is seen as a key area to conduct strategic and developmental economic relations with foreign businesses.

The various policies promoting the vertical integration of agricultural enterprises have made the Belgorod region the leader in the per capita output of capital such as tillage products and livestock. It is also the centre of exports to various regions around the country. Around 5% of the total meat production of Russia takes place in the Belgorod region. Out of the total production of sugar and vegetable oils of Russia, 13% is produced in this region.

The Belgorod region ranks fourth and exceeds the national average of 1.8 fold in terms of residential housings per thousand people. Apart from this, efforts are going on in full swing to implement some vital social welfare programs, which will include the construction of cultural and social facilities as well as new premises for cultural institutions, educational institutions and public health.

The Belgorod region is known exclusively for its rapid implementation of all the high priority national projects, which in turn add to its infrastructure. Several social welfare programs meant to improve the living standards of people are under way in this economically viable and effective region.

The Belgorod region is also rich in natural resources and has huge resources of minerals such as apatite, bauxite and iron-ore. The same goes for infrastructure; it has extensive railway lines as well as a good connection of paved roads.

The Belgorod region has found a place among the top ten as one of the most dynamically developing regions of Russia. The high potential of the natural resources, the favorable social and economic conditions, the active investment policy practiced by the region’s government, all these factors make the Belgorod region as one of the best regions for investing.

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