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Chelyabinsk is a city in Russia situated at the east of the Ural Mountain range near the Miass River. The region has become a cynosure for investments as more than 30 countries have already recognized its business potential. The city was given the highest credit rating in the year 2006. It has a large rate of GRP and stands eleventh among all the regions of Russia.

The Chelyabinsk region has the fourth largest volume of products in manufacturing enterprises and ranks eighth in terms of largest residential constructions. All these factors make the Chelyabinsk region one of the most preferred locations worth investing in Russia.

Why invest in Chelyabinsk

The favorable geographical locations, the substantial industrial potential, the developed transport infrastructure, the abundant natural resources, effective legislations conducive for investments and the highly qualified workforce are some of the factors have made investors to think about Chelyabinsk region thereby making it as one of the most preferred regions worth investing in Russia.

Vibrant Economy

Apart from these, it also has a vibrant economy, which has loads of growing potential. The Chelyabinsk economy is one of the largest among all the Russian regions and has tremendous opportunities in sectors such as manufacturing, construction, machine engineering and metalworking.

Well-developed infrastructure

The Chelyabinsk region has a paved public highway of 8,158 kilometers used to transport as much as seven millions tons of freight. The region also has sophisticated railroads of 1,793 kilometers. The Southern Urals Railroad, which runs across the Asian and European continents passes through the Chelyabinsk region. Apart from these, the Chelyabinsk region has two airports at Magnitogorsk and Chelyabinsk who possess passenger traffic of around 190,000 on an annual basis and a freight turnover of 1,100 tons.

Established Financial sector

The Chelyabinsk region has one of the most established financial sectors consisting of eleven regional banks and numerous credit institutions.

Large investment projects

Chelyabinsk region is filled with plenty of investment projects in areas such as the high technology, machine engineering, mining, trade and construction. The government is playing a major role in this part and is taking all the necessary measures to attract investment in these projects by co-operating with many domestic as well as foreign partners. 

Investor-friendly legislations

The regional administration has enacted several legislations that help promote foreign investment in the region. These investor-friendly legislations allow the foreign investors to participate in the various investment competitions, auctions and tenders without any hindrances.


The main essence of investing in this region is it is perfect for tourism and attracts many tourists all year round. The tourism sector is one of the dynamic sectors in the Chelyabinsk region. The tourism industry in the Chelyabinsk region is growing rapidly, thanks to the recreational resources of the region. The seventeen mountain skiing complexes are acting as one of the attractive aspects for many tourists.

The necessary steps taken by the regional administration, the investor-friendly legislations and the sophisticated infrastructure all make the Chelyabinsk region one of the favored destinations worth investing in Russia.

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