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Khabarovsk is the second largest city of Far East Russia. Situated some 30 kilometers from the Chinese border, it is the administrative center of the Far Federal District of Russia. It is one of the most favored destinations worth investing in Russia. It is young, dynamic, is looking for investors and ready for co-operation to chalk the path of development.

It is the most industrialized region in the Far East of Russia. Out of the total industrial production of Russia, as much as 30% of the industrial production is produced in this region. The main industries thriving in this region are craft building, manufacture of crafting machinery, forestry, oil processing, non-ferrous metallurgy and many more.

Why invest in Khabarovsk

The already existing foreign players pervasive in almost all the sectors of the region show the attractiveness of the Khabarovsk region. As many as 1000 enterprises have already entered the Khabarovsk market, which is characterized as a shipbuilder and aircraft manufacturer in the world. Besides this, several factors make the Khabarovsk region worth investing. These mainly include:

Abundant natural resources

The Khabarovsk region has rich resources of water, minerals and timber. Silver, gold and platinum are extracted on a large scale in this territory. It also has the largest deposit of zirconium in the world.

Opportunities in almost every sector

The Khabarovsk region has loads in store for the investors. The investors can invest in the development of gold and in its geographical exploration. The same thing applies to various other mineral deposits such as copper, zinc, tin, coal and platinum. There is a huge room for investments in fish processing and timber, tourism, services, energy as well as in agriculture.

Well-developed infrastructure

The territory has a good amount of transport lines, which connects the European part of Russia with the Far eastern ports. Vanino, a seaport, situated in the territory has lower taxes than the other ports based in Far Eastern regions. The region also has a good sophisticated communication system and scientific and educational institutes.

Government encouragement

The administration of Khabarovsk has taken all the necessary measures to attract foreign investment in the region. It has set up an Advisory Council to promote foreign investment in the region. The Advisory Council provides adequate support to create more room for investment for the foreign investors. It also thrives to enhance the investment climate in the region and eradicates any kind of negative influence that will hamper the investment activity in the region. To promote foreign investment in the region the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency supports the foreign investors in realizing all the investment projects.

Investor-friendly legislations

The Khabarovsk administration has passed several investor friendly legislations. It also has an investment development program in place to foster investments in the region whereas several regional legislations providing special tax exemptions to investors are in place.

All these factors make the Khabarovsk region one of the most favored destinations for investing in Russia. Not only has this, as per the financial stability rating of the regions of the Russia, this region procured a place in the class “B” which denotes a reliable, satisfactory and neutral dynamics. In these uncertain economic conditions, this region is still considered to be the higher financial stability region showing greater resilience to economics crisis than other regions of the Far Eastern regions.

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