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Primorsky Territory

The Primorsky territory is situated in the southern most tip of Eastern Russia on the banks of the Sea of Japan. The territory is known for its amazing natural beauty that consists of beautiful landscape, sea, lakes and mountains. Vladivostok city is the capital of Primorsky territory. Some the other major cities of the territory are Nakhoda and Ussuriisk. With approximately 2,068,200 residents, the region is one the populated Russian territories. Majority of the population reside in urban areas (78%) while the remaining population (22%) is inhabitants of rural areas. The territory has a good mix of people from different ethnic backgrounds.

The Primorsky territory is one of the most important territories of Russia from the economic point of view. The territory is one the leading foreign investment attraction destinations in the country. The territory has an investment potential in a variety of sectors including tourism, food industry, machine building, defense industry, timber industry, construction industry and host of other sectors.

Primosrky has a huge tourism industry. The natural scenic beauty and the vast coastline with its exotic beaches in the region attract tourists from all parts of world around the year. In spite of the large tourism sector it still has a scope for development and has the potential to attract foreign investment. Due to its large coastline, fishing is a popular sports activity here. Tourists from around the world come here for fishing and seaside hunting. However, there is not much accommodation facility available in the region to accommodate the visiting tourists. Here lies great opportunity for foreign investors to invest in build accommodation facilities. There is opportunity galore for foreign investors to investing in building sophisticated resorts, seaside oasis, rest houses and cheap hotels around the area.

Fishing is another leading industry in the region. It is a multi-million dollar industry. The annual fish catch in the region is well over two million tones. The fish catch form the region contributes to half of the total fish catch in the eastern regions of Russia. Thus, foreign investors can consider investing in the fishing industry. There is tremendous opportunity for investing in supplying fishing equipments and providing storage facilities. There is also great opportunity for foreign investor to invest in processing canned fish.

Primorsky Territory also has a significant agricultural industry. The territory has a fertile soil and favorable climatic conditions that help in cultivation of range of crops. Some of the major crops that are cultivated in the region are rice and vegetables including potatoes, soybeans and a host of other grains. Investors can invest in allied agricultural sectors and earn good returns on their investments. Investing in poultry, animal husbandry and livestock breeding especially sheep breeding has tremendous potential for foreign investment.

The timber industry in Primorsky territory is also a major industry that holds great potential to attract foreign investment. The timber yield in the region is about 3 million cubic meters per year. There is a huge scope for investing in converting raw timber in to finished products.

Thus, Primorsky territory offers investment opportunities is wide range of sectors. Foreign investors can invest in any of the sectors in the region and earn handsome profits.

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